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The John T. Lambert Intermediate School (JTL) team is located just outside the borough of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania [1]. This school is located in the East Stroudsburg Area School District. They participate in the competitive Northeast region [2]. They have qualified for states for five of the last seven years and look to continue their current streak of three next year. They feed into East Stroudsburg High School South.

J.T. Lambert Intermediate School At a Glance
Member of SO since approx. 1994
Best finish, regionals 1st place, 2010-2011
Best finish, state 5th place, 2010
Best finish, nationals Never made it
Website Website


School Info

J.T. Lambert is a school that teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and the team therefore composes of students from these grades (they have rarely, if ever, had 9th graders on the team). The school was built in 1992 to help with the large increase of students, and it is now one of two intermediate schools in the district. There are an approximate 1,200 students who attend this school, and they pride themselves on academic excellence and character education. Their mascot is the Cavalier, and their colors are purple and white, both of which are the same as the South high school.


Results since 2002-2003
Year Rustin Comet Regionals States
2003 - - 6th 10th
2004 - - 2nd 6th
2005 - - 9th -
2006 - - 7th -
2007 - - 5th 11th
2008 - - 4th (135) 6th (256)
2009 - - 4th (135)* 9th (343)
2010 - - 1st (75)* 5th (320)
2011 8th (201) 2nd (43) 1st (95)* 10th (344)
2012 X 4th (170) 13th (392)
2013 11th (333) 4th (156) 2nd (99) 7th (298)
2014 - - 5th (167) 26th (488)
2015 - - 4th (142) 18th (419)
2016 - - 10th (252) -
  • total scores are in parentheses
  • invitational names are in brackets

(*an event was not held, so the score is out of 22 events)

X- event was canceled due to inclement weather


2nd J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 2nd place at Northeast Pennsylvania Regionals in 2004.
1st J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 1st place at Northeast Pennsylvania Regionals in 2010.
1st J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 1st place at Northeast Pennsylvania Regionals in 2011.
2nd J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 2nd place at Northeast Pennsylvania Regionals in 2013.

6th J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 6th place at Pennsylvania States in 2004.
6th J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 6th place at Pennsylvania States in 2008.
5th J.T. Lambert Intermediate School has achieved 5th place at 2010 PA States.

The Early Years

The first several years of the team's existence, the team was not as competitive as they are at the present time. Most of the time, they placed in the bottom half of their region, as they were only serious about a few of the events. It was thought of more as a casual club than a true team. The results were so terrible that they cannot be posted on the table.


In 2003, however, a new trend was started. The new coach, who was formerly an assistant, started to make the team a contender in their region. These first two years were the beginnings of a competitor. In 02-03 the team seemingly came out of nowhere to finish 10th at states, led by two especially dedicated 7th graders. The next year, they built on this, finishing 2nd in the region and 6th at states, again led by the same participants, now 8th graders. This let many teams in Pennsylvania know that a new team had emerged from its cocoon into being one of the better teams in the state.

After these team leaders graduated, however, the team went into two years of struggling, finishing 9th and 7th in the two years, respectively. Since the state qualification mark was the top 6 in the region (now top 5), they missed the cut both years. The team was mostly forgotten outside the region, and the years of success they had were starting to be considered as a fluke.


Later, however, a new core of students led the team back into respectability. The hungry team made states by placing 5th in the region, and made a decent impression at states, finishing 11th. This was quite good for a team that had not visited states for three years, but they had loftier goals than placing eleventh. They wanted to break the top 10 and be recognized to the entire state. The next year, led by two 8th grade co-captains (one of which was EASTstroudsburg13) they worked hard towards their goal. During the competition season, they entered the pantheon of top teams in the state, finishing 4th in the region and 6th in the state, tying their best state finish ever at that point. Their score at states, 256, remains the best score at states ever for JTL. Hawke245, hemi382, airplanesrule, and starsky133 were members of both of these teams. 49ers and NEO Awesomeness were also members of the 2008 team.

2008 Event Places


After the departure of a highly successful eighth grade core, the past year's team tried to establish itself as a constant force. They continued their winning streak at regionals, again finishing 4th and gaining 11 medals altogether. After this success, they set their sights on trying to improve for the state competition. There, they finished in 9th place, once again making an impact among the top teams in the state. In doing so they proved that they are a team to watch, but because they had most of the team returning, they set their sights on even higher glory the coming year.

2009 Event Results

The core of the team entered 2010 knowing about their potential to do well in states, and new sixth graders only boosted hopes. The turnout was very high in the beginning, sometimes reaching almost 30 people at meetings. Thanks to a more efficient process for choosing team members and preparing for events and a greater sense of commitment instilled by their coach, chances for placing well looked brighter than ever. However, as the regional competition neared, hopes started to dim a little as some events were not as strong as they would have preferred them to be.

At the regional competition, the team got 1st out of 21 teams and medaled in 15 out of the 22 events held. This feat can be seen as slightly more impressive when the fact that only three medals for each event were given out, as opposed to the original four. Had they distributed four medals as in previous years, the team would have received 18 out of 22 medals. This finish slightly boosted their confidence in the coming states. At the state finals, the team placed 5th, which was in the top 5 for the first time in school history. They were only 3 points behind the 4th place team and region rival Greater Nanticoke. Users on these teams were 49ers, karatekid44, yoyosciencekid23, tvmoggie33 and NEO Awesomeness. Hemi382 participated in 2009. EASTstroudsburg13 also acted as a student coach.

2010 Event Results


2011 marked a changing of the guard for the J.T. Lambert team. The eighth graders that had led the team had now moved on to the high school and the remaining middle schoolers had to rebuild to create another hard-working group. In the first invitational ever for J.T. Lambert, they placed 8th overall and 6th of all schools (some schools brought multiple teams). These results are commendable considering the rebuilding effort. Their next competition was the Comet Invitational, where the team placed 2nd out of four teams, only losing out to Wyoming Area Middle School by two points. From there the team had to build on their experience in order to extend the streak of state appearances.

At regionals, the team overcame any doubts of experience by placing first for the second year in a row. This finish was fueled by the knowledge of experienced eighth graders combined with the efforts of new, hard-working sixth graders. This sixth-grade core bodes well for J.T. Lambert teams in the future. From there, the team worked hard to try to compete with the traditional heavyweights of states. They placed a respectable 10th, marking the 4th straight year J.T. Lambert has made the top 10 teams at states. karatekid44 and tvmoggie33 both participated on this team.

2011 Event Results

In 2012, the team hoped that experience gained last year paid off and could overcome any losses to the high school team. However, a lack of eighth graders prove to be a challenge, as the majority of the team was new and was not aware of the work required to do well. After the Rustin Invitational was cancelled due to inclement weather, the team competed at Comet and was given a wake-up call caused by their less-then-stellar performance. From there, it was not a matter of defending their title, but simply managing to qualify for states. Especially with the influx of Park Forest Middle School and Mount Nittany Middle School into the region, a sixth consecutive state berth seemed on the bubble. Even during regionals, there were few events that seemed to have really excelled, and anxieties were there. In the end, though, their effort was enough to get fourth in the region.

Following a tough regional competition, the team knew it would be difficult to excel in states as it had in previous years. Through hard work in the days leading up to the competition, the team was able to balance out most of its events and place 13th overall, which was quite good considering the adversity it had to endure. There were also two medal winners at states, one in Rocks and Minerals and one in Storm the Castle. Rissapf13, isaysroar and Nerdgirl314 were members of this team.

2012 Event Results

2013 started off as a possibly resurgent year for J.T. Lambert. Most of the team was returning, and had the experience of two years of regionals and states. With hard work, they could return to contending in the top 10 of the state. As they competed at the Rustin and Comet Invitationals, this prospect became more and more realistic as they put up strong showings. With continued work until regionals, another strong place seemed possible.

At regionals, J.T. Lambert received medals in 13 out of the 23 medals, so an excellent place seemed imminent. In the end, they finished second to Abington Heights Middle School, but it was still an impressive finish. This finish puts the team in good position to succeed at the state competition.

The team prepared dutifully for the competition, hoping to edge out Regional rival Abington Heights Middle School. The team succeeded in accomplishing this goal, placing 7th in the state, just ahead of Abington Heights. The team medaled in just one event, a fifth place in Keep the Heat. however the teamwas very close to medaling in several events, placing 6th in Helicopters, Rocks and Minerals, and Write It Do It. The team also placed 7th and 8th in several other events.

2013 Event Places
Event Rustin Comet Regionals States
Anatomy 12th 6th 11th
Boomilever 1st 1st 7th
Crime Busters 12th 3rd 29th
Disease Detectives 6th 4th 9th
Dynamic Planet 8th 9th 10th
Experimental Design 8th 2nd 13th
Food Science 7th 6th 15th
Forestry 7th 12th 12th
Helicopters 7th 1st 6th
Heredity 11th 8th 22nd
Keep the Heat 3rd 5th 5th
Meteorology 10th 3rd 8th
Metric Mastery 10th 1st 19th
Mission Possible 8th 11th 8th
Mousetrap Vehicle 1st 2nd 15th
Reach for the Stars 9th 2nd 15th
Road Scholar 4th 5th 14th
Rocks and Minerals 3rd 2nd 6th
Rotor Egg Drop 10th 6th 8th
Shock Value 5th 5th 29th
Sounds of Music 2nd 1st 12th
Water Quality 6th 2nd 19th
Write It Do It 6th 2nd 6th
Total 333 156 99 298


In 2014, the team was forced to deal with the loss of an invaluable 8th grade class. The team faced many difficulties in filling in these positions, but they felt that the team would be prepared for regionals.

At the regional competiton, J.T. Lambert's team put up a good showing, and qualified for states by taking 5th in the competition. Members of the team received nine total medals, such as a 1st place in Boomilever, and several 2nd places in Crime Busters, Entomology, Helicopter, Road Scholar, and Wheeled Vehicle. The team also medaled in Anatomy, Meteorology, and Rocks and Minerals.

2014 Event Places
Event Regionals States
Anatomy 3rd N/A
Boomilever 1st 8th
Can't Judge a Powder 33rd
Crime Busters 2nd 32nd
Disease Detectives 25th
Dynamic Planet 15th
Entomology 2nd 10th
Experimental Design 33rd
Helicopters 2nd 14th
Heredity 34th
Meteorology 3rd 12th
Metric Mastery 35th
Road Scholar 2nd 18th
Robo-Cross 9th
Rocks and Minerals 4th 24th
Rotor Egg Drop 19th
Shock Value 32nd
Simple Machines 35th
Solar System 11th
Sounds of Music 31st
Water Quality 32nd
Wheeled Vehicle 2nd 10th
Write It Do It 16th

Other Competitions

Before 2011, the only competition this team participates in is their regional, and states if they get there. They had never competed in any invitationals. In 2011, however, they attended the inaugural Rustin Invitational and the Comet Invitational. They attended Comet again in 2012, but could not attend Rustin due to inclement weather.

Fun Facts

  • In general, J.T. Lambert has an intense rivalry with Stroudsburg Junior High School, and this carries over to Science Olympiad somewhat. The rivalry in sports is even more intense in the high school.
    • Also, the second period of JTL's success coincided with Stroudsburg's fall from being perennial national qualifier. Since JTL started their streak of six straight state appearances, Stroudsburg has not qualified for nationals.
    • Ironically, the co-captain of the team in 2008 (not EASTstroudsburg13) moved into Stroudsburg's school boundaries in high school, and then participated on their team.
  • At regionals, the 2008 and 2009 teams got the exact same place and score. However, the 2008 team had to compete in more events than the 2009 team. (23-22)
  • The team holds "runoffs" for each event to determine who makes the team. Once the results are found, the people who do well in multiple events are chosen for the team first and the rest of the spots are filled in.
  • At meetings, Science Olympiad is usually referred to as "Science O".
  • On the way back from the 2008 state competition, the team's bus broke down, and they had to wait about two hours for another bus to arrive. They got back to the school at around 2 AM. EASTstroudsburg13 now thinks this entire situation was rather amusing, contrary to the opinions of some other members (49ers).
  • At 2009 states, a box containing the team's plane was inadvertently tripped over and was damaged badly. However, the event participants (hemi382 and yoyosciencekid23), along with another team member, were able to fix the plane and recover for a ninth place finish.
  • The 2009 team shirt featured a drawing on the front based on this xkcd comic.
  • Between 2008 and 2010, J.T. Lambert Took 6th at States in Road Scholar all three times. 49ers was one of the competitors all three times.


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