Muscatel Invitational

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The Muscatel Invitational is an invitational tournament that was first held on February 11th, 2012, at Muscatel Middle School in Rosemead, California. 16 teams competed, with Winston Churchill Middle School sending both A and B teams. Muscatel continued to host this invitational in 2013 and 2014.


Muscatel Results
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place
2012 Beechwood School (Fullerton) Dana Middle School (Arcadia) Winston Churchill Middle School B (Carmichael)
2013 Beechwood School (Fullerton) Pioneer Middle School (Tustin) Dana Middle School (Arcadia)
2014 Kennedy Middle School (Cupertino) Winston Churchill B Middle School (Carmichael) Mesa Robles Middle School (Hacienda Heights)

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