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by breakingankles
July 20th, 2016, 3:59 pm
Forum: General Competition
Topic: SOSI 2016: AMA (Ask Me Anything at the Summer Institute)
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Re: SOSI 2016: AMA (Ask Me Anything at the Summer Institute)

SOPomo, could you post the DSOs for Astronomy? They'll be really different from last year btw
by breakingankles
February 14th, 2016, 9:28 am
Forum: 2016 Invitationals, Regionals, and States
Topic: Ohio 2016
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Re: Ohio 2016 WSU results Random Notes: Div B - Solon is looking weaker and Tower Heights is looking stronger (as expected coming off of their win last week). - Beckendorff appears not to have many event bombs, which leads me to think that th...
by breakingankles
November 25th, 2015, 3:51 pm
Forum: 2016 Study Events
Topic: Astronomy C
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Re: Astronomy C

I haven't been able to find many good explanations for the calculation of an exoplanet's surface temperature. I have found T^4=L(sun)*(1-albedo)/16πd^2σ and a few others, often including the radius of the planet. Can someone post a link or an explanation of how to solve these problems? I'd apprecia...

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