Elastic Launch Glider C [Trial]

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Re: Elastic Launch Glider C [Trial]

Post by twototwenty »

One of the best articles on the AMA website (thank goodness, its back up!) is this:
http://legacy.amaglider.com/assets/gene ... t-trimming

It says that to successfully make a glider circle, you need to apply rudder to give it yaw, but also adjust the stab angle to make sure the glider soesn't roll. Thus, you should plan on adjusting bothe the rudder and the horizontal stab.
What I would personally reccomend doing is just glue everything together with CA glue so that you can dissolve the glue with acetone and reglue it. However, don't be quick to throw away ideas like a rotating tail...that kind of thing would enable you to make your adjustments infinitely more precise. I would definitely test that idea before saying it would render the glider too delicate for a launch. Just keep in mind that you can only use wood, glue, and carbon fiber.
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Re: Elastic Launch Glider C [Trial]

Post by jander14indoor »

Well, materials aren't quite that limited. The complete list of materials is: wood, foam, paper, plastic film, carbon fiber, and/or glue. Any malleable, non-metallic material for ballast.

Note, the usual caveat applies, this is not the official rules site, clarifications or other. Check rules for yourself, and only go by official rules and clarifications.

And I'll add my sincere thanks to wisguy for getting the AMA Glider site back up, an invaluable resource.

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