Geologic Mapping C [Trial]

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Re: Geologic Mapping C [Trial]

Postby gneissisnice » May 15th, 2012, 4:18 am

Discussion for Geologic Mapping C for NY.

A link to the rules would be beneficial for all.
My major in college is geology but I am in CA so would not be doing this even any way
Haha, I'm also majoring in geology! But this event nearly steered me away from least structural, that is. But really, looking back at Geologic Mapping, I really overestimated it. It's not as hard as everyone said it was [including me] and once you get the hang of the stereonet problems, they're quite simple.
Structural Geology really isn't that bad. From what I've seen, this event is actually a lot more involved than a real college Structural class. Most of the Structural labs I did involved doing stereonets, so you already have experience with one of the more difficult things in the class. I got an A in Structural, it wasn't so bad.

Also, it's nice to see more geology majors, there are like 30 of us total at my school >.>
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