Plan your swap meet here!

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Plan your swap meet here!

Postby knittingfrenzy18 » May 2nd, 2012, 8:47 am

Hi there!

I am initiating a thread for planning to swap. Please use

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Hide tags
aka spoilers!
to hide your inventories.

Here are the rules of the thread:
1. Please occupy only 1 post, and update your post by EDITING when you need to.
2. When requesting things you want, please specify from which state, if possible. Otherwise it will be implied "from any state".
3. When you see something you want that someone else has, please use Private Messaging or another form of conversation to arrange to place a hold on the item, and to plan for how to meet up. Please do not do this bargaining on the thread.
4. The only four things your single post on this thread can/should contain are: a. a hide tag with your inventory in it, b. a hide tag with what you might want to gain, and c. a hide tag with what you may have but haven't confirmed, and d. a hide tag with what you can get your hands on.

I'm pretty sure this hasn't been tried before, but I'm going to start it!
Remember that unless someone has something they want rid of cheap, you'll need something to swap back for. Make a bargain, see what they want.
and please conform to the rules!
This thread is solely for the purpose of planning(so you can plan to bring certain things and hope to come back with others), don't be surprised if you can't carry out transactions!

What I Want
  • Souvenir keychains (like from monumental parks and companies (like for me, that'd be Goddard Space Center, not Safeway)) From anywhere.
  • Baseball caps (again, especially from companies, but also parks and things. For example, I have a Geico lizard cap.) (Evidently, I like them new.) From anywhere.
  • I also collect Stamps, although that's not very state-personal since we all have American stamps. Maybe if you have foreign stamps, even though that's not state-personal, as said before. From anywhere.

What I Have
Currently empty. I'm not sure what people what.

What I May Have But Have Not Confirmed
  • A Maryland license plate(or even 2!). Regular, with Maryland across the top. No Bay designs or anything.
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Re: Plan your swap meet here!

Postby frogzorz » May 5th, 2012, 11:10 am

What I Want
- Corn hats/cheese hats and other hats we've seen in years before. They. Are. So. Cool.
- Unique foods from your region of the US!...or really just any good food
- T-shirts, especially team t-shirts from places far away from Pennsylvania xD
- License plates

What I Have
- Tastykakes! Apparently people from out-of-state love them...but I don't really like them, so I'm just gonna try to trade off all of the tastykake in my house LOL
- Shin Ramyeon: BEST RAMEN EVER. However, I have a lot of it, so imma trade a few of them. (be warned, they're really spicy, like a lot of Korean food.
- My own t-shirts: I think I have leftover Bala Cynwyd team t-shirts and I'm willing to trade for some good t-shirts (sorry BC...)

What I May Have but Not Confirmed
- A PA license plate
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