People Going to Nationals

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People Going to Nationals

Postby foreverphysics » April 29th, 2013, 9:31 am

A continuation of last year's thread to see who from is going to Nats.
A list of people going to Nationals, what school and state they're from, and events. I will edit this post to reflect the changes.
If you would like to be included or removed from the list, just post under this.
People are listed by state and username (alphabetical). Usernames are in bold. School and state are in italics. Events are normal type.

Division B
foreverphysics (Auburn Junior High School, Alabama): Reach for the Stars, Disease Detectives, Rotor Egg Drop
OF (Winston Churchill Middle School, California): Experimental Design, Sounds of Music, Keep the Heat, Mission Possible
alpacas (Churchill Middle School, California): Reach for the Stars, Mission Possible, Experimental Design
hcsmom's youngest daughter (Homeschool Science Colorado, Colorado): Metric Mastery, Write It Do It, Forestry, Mission Possible
hcsmom's son (Homeschool Science Colorado, Colorado): Alternate--Invaisve Species
MagicalMurder (Coolidge Middle School, Massachusetts): Keep The Heat, Rotor Egg Drop, and Forestry
HeartCaro (Meads Mill Middle School, Michigan): Forestry, Water Quality, Anatomy, Dynamic Planet
hc1220 (Ladue Middle School, Missouri): Write It Do It, Experimental Design, Metric Mastery
Wilplatypus (Ladue Middle School, Missouri)
CMShong (West Windsor-Plainsboro Community Middle School, New Jersey): Rotor Egg Drop, Mission Possible, Sounds of Music, Helicopters
fantasyfan (Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School, New York): Anatomy, Shock Value, Sounds of Music
silverheart7 (Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School, New York): Forestry, Sounds of Music
nuclear reactor (Memorial Middle School, Ohio): Experimental Design, Keep the Heat, Shock Value.
Algorhythmic (Shady Side Academy Middle School, Pennsylvania): Sounds of Music, Mission Possible
ckssv07 (Shady Side Academy Middle School, Pennsylvania): Boomilever, Experimental Design, Helicopters, Mousetrap Vehicle, Reach for the Stars, Rocks and Minerals,Rotor Egg Drop
silentsage (Shady Side Academy Middle School, Pennsylvania): Dynamic Planet, Reach for the Stars, Water Quality
bam (Strath Haven Middle School, Pennsylvania): Disease Detectives, Crime Busters, Food Science, Experimental Design
havenbreadfish (Strath Haven Middle School, Pennsylvania): Dynamic Planet, Heredity, Reach for the Stars, Water Quality
justsomedudenamedted (Yankton Middle School, South Dakota): Shock Value, Metric Mastery, Road Scholar
havenguy (Strath Haven Middle School, Pennsylvania): Disease Detectives, Boomilever, Forestry, Anatomy, Meteorology, ??Dynamic Planet??
mrburrito (Bearden Middle School, Tennessee): Keep The Heat, Metric Mastery, Meteorology, ??Experimental Design??
cupcakegirl (Beckendorff Junior High School, Texas): Food Science, Water Quality, Crime Busters
hotchocolate123 (Beckendorff Junior High School, Texas): Heredity, Forestry, Rocks and Minerals
ptkid (Beckendorff Junior High Sch]ool, Texas):Anatomy, Boomilever, Disease Detectives, Water Quality
strawberrygirl (Beckendorff Junior High School, Texas): Anatomy, Heredity, Disease Detectives, Road Scholar
ShadowMasterXr (Longfellow Middle School, Virginia): Write It Do It, Mission Possible, Crime Busters

Division C
PacificGoldenPlover (Troy High School, California): Green Generation, Rocks and Minerals, Forestry, Dynamic Planet, Water Quality
zyzzyva98 (Olathe North High School, Kansas): Astronomy, Experimental Design, Remote Sensing
Luo (Mounds View High School, Minnesota): Astronomy, Disease Detectives, Rocks and Minerals,Thermodynamics
Chengine (Ladue High School, Missouri): Chemistry Lab, Dynamic Planet, Fermi Questions, Materials Science
The Eviscerator (Raleigh Charter High School, North Carolina): Remote Sensing, Disease Detectives, Designer Genes, Experimental Design, Technical Problem Solving
earthbot25 (Harriton High School, Pennsylvania): Experimental Design, Materials Science
hmcginny (Harriton High School, Pennsylvania): Write It Do It, Fermi Questions, Magnetic Levitation, Technical Problem Solving, Chemistry Lab, Thermodynamics
Jdogg (Harriton High School, Pennsylvania): Magnetic Levitation, Gravity Vehicle, Robot Arm, Elastic Launch Glider, and Circuit Lab
codenamemoraine (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Virginia): Astronomy, Water Quality, Dynamic Planet, Remote Sensing
fozendog (Camas High School, Washington): Dynamic Planet, Remote Sensing, Elastic Launch Glider
Infinity Flat (Camas High School, Washington): Astronomy, Chemistry Lab, Circuit Lab, Disease Detectives, Fermi Questions

Grads/Volunteers/Coaches/Other People
chalker(Ohio): Tournament Organiser
bearasaurus(Southern California): Event supervisor
jander14indoor(Michigan): Event supervisor
hcsmom(Colorado): Coach
Schrodingers_cat(Kansas): Spectator
XJcwolfyX(Illinois): Spectator
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Re: People Going to Nationals.

Postby havenguy » April 29th, 2013, 9:51 am

Strath Haven Middle School: Disease Detectives, Boomilever, Forestry, Anatomy, Meteorology, (maybe Dynamic Planet)
University of Pennsylvania Class of 2020
Strath Haven High School Class of 2016

2016 States Results:
Invasive Species: 1st
Dynamic Planet: 1st
Disease Detectives: 5th
Anatomy: 6th

Team Place: 4th

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Re: People Going to Nationals.

Postby PacificGoldenPlover » April 29th, 2013, 10:04 am

I'll be doing Green Generation, Rocks and Minerals, Forestry, Dynamic Planet, Water Quality
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2014 (Mira Loma/Troy/Regionals/States/Nationals)
Dynamic Planet (2/2/1/1/1)
Designer Genes (1/4/1/13 (???)/13 (figures)
Water Quality (1/1/3/1/3)

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Re: People Going to Nationals.

Postby hmcginny » April 29th, 2013, 10:17 am

Put me down for Widi, Fermi, Maglev, TPS, Chem Lab and Thermodynamics.
Harriton 2013 (Captain 2012-2013)
Penn 2017

2014 PA State Compound Machines Supervisor

Past Events: Fermi, Thermo, WIDI, Maglev, TPS, Chem Lab, Mission, Sounds, Trajectory, Mousetrap, etc.

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Re: People Going to Nationals

Postby fozendog » April 29th, 2013, 10:29 am

I'll be doing Dynamic Planet, Remote Sensing, and Elastic Launch Glider :D
Edit: Oh yeah, Camas High School
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Stanford '19
Camas Science Olympiad Alumnus
Events: Protein Modeling, Cell Biology, Disease Detectives, Experimental Design, Dynamic Planet, Water Quality

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Re: People Going to Nationals

Postby silverheart7 » April 29th, 2013, 12:15 pm

Paul J. Gelinas -> Forestry & Sounds of Music
Past: Forestry, Disease, Meteorology, Towers, Sounds, Triple E, Boomilever, Entomology, WQ, WIDI, Bridges

Total Medals: 14
State Medals: Sounds of Music (2nd, 2013), Forestry (3rd, 2013), and Triple E (4th, 2013)

Gelinas and Ward Melville Alum, ELI Volunteer

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Re: People Going to Nationals

Postby fantasyfan » April 29th, 2013, 1:26 pm

Div. B Paul J. Gelinas -> Anatomy, Shock Value, and Sounds of Music
Looking forward to anatomy, protein, fossils, and optics (NYS trial) this year!

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Re: People Going to Nationals

Postby HeartCaro » April 29th, 2013, 1:27 pm

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Re: People Going to Nationals

Postby Jdogg » April 29th, 2013, 1:31 pm

Put me down for: Maglev, Grav, Robot, Gliders, and Circuits
Harriton Class of 2013
Vice-Deputy of Avionics and Control for Lunar Lion
Assistant Coach of State College High School

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Re: People Going to Nationals

Postby ckssv07 » April 29th, 2013, 2:01 pm


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