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Miscellaneous News

Post by EastStroudsburg13 »

This will be the thread for news snippets that are not results of tournaments, clarifications, or updates, but are of general interest to the Science Olympiad community.

To start off, there's a story that's been on the national site for some time about a Nebraska Science Olympiad team which got to help release three weather balloons at halftime of a University of Nebraska football game. For those of you who aren't sports buffs, college football is pretty big at Nebraska, so this is a good exposure for Science Olympiad. Link: http://soinc.org/sites/default/files/up ... uskers.pdf
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Updated version of Science Olympiad Scoring system available

Post by chalker »

Figured this was the best place to post this:

I’ve just uploaded to the project website (https://sourceforge.net/projects/soscoring/files/) this year’s version (V5) of the Science Olympiad Scoring system. In addition to updating the event names to match this year’s slate, I’ve incorporated several new features / changes based upon feedback received from various people last year. These include the following:

• Combined team names / states into 1 cell on event and master score sheets and reduced the overall column width
• Updated the row shading on all sheets to be in more readable groups of three instead of alternating lines
• Rotated event names 180 degrees on master sheet to improve readability
• Added code to print sheet macro to automatically switch between landscape / portrait orientations depending on the size of the Master sheet
(Thanks to Connor Duffy for suggesting all of the above)

• Added correlation check between overall team rankings and individual event rankings. A warning will now display on event pages if the score sort order is likely incorrect (e.g. low score wins selected instead of high score wins)
• Added ability to turn off warning messages on master sheet during printing via a pop up message box when using the print sheet button
• Minor formatting changes on the printable medals page

As always, if you have additional feedback / suggestions please let me know.

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Re: Miscellaneous News

Post by ptkid »

It looks like soinc updated their website: soinc.org
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Re: Miscellaneous News

Post by chalker7 »

ptkid wrote:It looks like soinc updated their website: soinc.org
Yes, there was a pretty significant update pushed out over the weekend and yesterday. They are aware that there are some issues/broken links/missing items and are actively fixing those bugs.
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