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Re: Helicopter Trial Event

Post by JBoyd-NY » July 13th, 2009, 8:56 pm

Just want to clarify the New York situation:

1. In New York, Trial Events are counted towards a team's points in the State competition. This is an attempt to get all teams to try the event, so that the suggestions that are passed on to the National committees are based on a large number of teams participating. New York State competitions are very competitive, and teams that have a shot at Nationals might not participate in a trial event at the State Competition if it had no effect on a team's qualifying for the National Competition (think about it - if your team had a shot for Nationals in a close competition, would you want two of your team members spending study and/or building time on an event that didn't count, or would you rather they spend that time getting better at the events that determined if you made it to Nationals?). By making the Trial Event results equal to the Official Event results, we assure that the teams that are the best in the state all compete in those events.

2. This year, a number of students and coaches expressed an interest in the Helicopter Duration event. Since we already had two trial events for both divisions, we decided that the Helicopter event could be held at the Regional competitions and would be held at the State Competition, medals will be awarded, but the results will not count towards the final team standings, and any two people from a school may compete - they don't have to be from the 15 "official" team members (alternates can compete). To distinguish between this event that doesn't count in team standings and the trial events that do count in team standings, Helicopter was labeled as a Pilot Event rather than a Trial Event.

3. The rules on the New York State web site are the rules listed at soinc.org. Should there be changes in the rules on the soinc.org site, the New York State Board of Directors will consider those changes. If they decide to implement any of those changes, they will be posted on the Rules Clarifications page.

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