Indiana Science Olympiad

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Re: Indiana Science Olympiad

Postby Friedoyster3 » June 9th, 2009, 3:06 pm

The big thing that I could recall is that they didn't mark off the 1 meter by 1.5 meter box the device had to be in. You just had to be behind the line.
Yeah in Scrambler they did the same thing. The just had the line at the 9m. disstance and didn't have the 75 cm. box that they device had to fit in. And they didn't tell us that they mesured the 9m from the front of the tape until just before we launched so we had to move the entire launcher foward and completely reset our launcher. AND if that wern't enough the terminal barier was at an 80 degree angle to the floor makeing the distance that the egg ended from the wall different for every team due to different hieghts of the egg carrier (even though they mesured the distance on the floor, if a team had gotton close enough to traveling 9.01m they woudn't have hit the wall because of the angle of the barrier). I think this all adds to the fact that the event corridators at IUPUI were pretty bad(most but not all).
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Re: Indiana Science Olympiad

Postby Dark Sabre » June 11th, 2009, 10:25 am

Unlike trajectory, I don't believe that the scrambler rules require that the judge tape out a launch area behind the track.

That is unfortunate that it wasn't clear what part of the tape was the start of the track. I sharpie on arrows when I lay my tracks out to help make it clear. People usually ask anyway just to be sure...

Also, I'm fairly sure that the people who work the Bloomington competition are volunteers too...since I volunteered to run Scrambler there last year.

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Re: Indiana Science Olympiad

Postby genes_girl » July 8th, 2009, 2:06 pm

IU Bloomington's State is mostly, if not almost all, volunteer. The IU SOS (or Science Outreach Society...formerly known as the SO club) helps run and coordinate a large chunk of it, plus professors, other people and societies around campus, SO national/regional supervisors and everyone else. I'm not sure exactly who gets paid, but I believe most people don't.

I was at the IUPUI state and it is unfortunate what happened with scrambler. I'll say, since it was my first time from the test giving and coordination side of the competition, that a lot goes on and goes wrong that as competitors you never see. I ran the trial microbe mission and ran into a bunch of problems with just that event myself. With some of those more difficult events to run and score and keep consistent I can see where something that bad might go wrong. It does help to have people familiar with SO and the event but things still don't always go according to plan. If you notice something is wrong make sure the event coordinator knows and (preferably) be able to show it in the rules too. Sometimes details are missed and forgotten when hurrying to get things ready to go for you so make sure we know. Chances are that if it is caught early enough it can be corrected and not end up with the event being thrown out. Then again maybe not, it depends on the situation.

Good Luck everyone! And hopefully see you around competitions this up coming year!
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