Scioly Assassination 140: Walmart Hide-and-seek

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Re: Scioly Assassination 140: Walmart Hide-and-seek

Postby CookiePie1 » August 20th, 2019, 6:25 pm

Since I have 2 accuses, I accuse waffletree because she's been pretty suspicious imo, she seems to know what the sassy's thinking and is pretty active in sassy games compared to usual. Like she's been making sure people people protect the hiding spots and not specific people. Also searching for the word "whoa" led to that "whoa vs woah" poll she made a while back.
This games the first time I've ever participated, wouldn't it make more sense to accuse me?
No it wouldn't
I don't understand why a sassy would put themself out there like that unless they aren't or they want the game to end.
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Re: Scioly Assassination 140: Walmart Hide-and-seek

Postby pepperonipi » August 20th, 2019, 9:48 pm

This games the first time I've ever participated, wouldn't it make more sense to accuse me?
No it wouldn't
Also, I think the website clues line up to waffletree. The way I see it, try taking the first (and maybe second) letter of each of the words, and rearranging them.

whoa - w
full - f
flu - fl
try - tr
eek - ee

Of course, not all of the sassy’s ID’s are probably exhausted yet.
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Re: Scioly Assassination 140: Walmart Hide-and-seek

Postby Assassinator » August 22nd, 2019, 9:20 am

As I went to attack the person hiding behind the pillows, amk578 tackled me. Ah nuggets.

Aighttt great game everyone, hope y'all enjoyed it, I tried to make this game a bit better than my last one...

Just wanna let everyone know - (thanks amk578 for pointing this out) I wasn't aware that I started this game a few days after the El Paso Walmart shooting, and this game was NOT meant to be a mockery of it, and the game's theme wasn't inspired by the recent shootings.
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Re: Scioly Assassination 140: Walmart Hide-and-seek

Postby waffletree » August 22nd, 2019, 9:34 am

>>> I should have brought a light. Or maybe scouted this place out a bit better, because I can’t see anything in the building. Seriously. I already walked into a dr5yer...unfortunately no one was hiding in it. That would have been a fun first kill. Oh, and I got scared by the guards I hired, dang I screamed so loud. Pretty sure everyone participating heard me, how awkward. And I’m already getting hungry.
If I bring out pizza and burgers, will the hiders come out for a snack? I know I definitely would... <<<
dr5yer: 5 = e, dreyer’s = ice cream brand
I screamed = ice cream
Pizza is an ID - on IRC I mention costco pizza a lot
>>> Dinner was nice. Decided on some ice cream for dessert, so I might as well check to see if anyone was hiding in the freezer behind the ice cream. As I turned the corner into the ice cream aisle, I heard a loud shutting sound of a door. Ice cream tubs were all over the floor. Someone was clearly hiding here...but they got away.
It was too quiet, and I didn’t like it. So I put on some MUSIC! This is such a good song, hopefully it will lure out some, what am I thinking, these people aren’t like pokemon.
But this is some good MUSIC!
[euatgfqg] This is boring. It’s dark. And I have a job to finish. Don’t we all love Walmart? [let’s go kill people] <<<
Vigenere - with music as the key to euatgfqg, you get sailetwo, which equals saile two, and saile unscrambles to aisle, so aisle two was the target
The link,, is to “Going Bad” by Meek Mill, who is from Philadelphia, which is a clue to where I’m from.
>>> It’s about time I start working harder on my kills, so when I heard snoring coming from above aisle 2, I decided it was time to make a move. I climbed up the aisle 2 shelf, came from behind the person, stalked up and pounced, but before I could    cut their throat out with a knife,    someone else screeched, and linzhiyan woke up. Unfortunately, the officers will arrive soon, so I knocked linzhiyan out with a punch, then scuttled away and climbed up the aisle 3 shelf. [SIZE 5] Aw, I wanted to bury the body in a bag of soil...[//SIZE 5]

An hour later, flashlights came around the corner of aisle 2, the officers have probably arrived. These guys are so lazy...took them an hour to get here. I crouched down, peeked over the edge and saw hmmm and amk578 walking under me, and they looked terrified.     (I would kill them, except I’m not sure if I’d win a 2 on 1, canada.)    <<<
Actions that cats usually do - stalked, pounced, scuttled, crouched, screeched
“I wanted to bury the body in a bag of soil” - Cats tend to bury their kills in dirt
All the words surrounded by extra spaces are ID. This ID was to hint that I play tennis, which I have mentioned several times on forums and irc. In tennis, a 2 on 1 match is called “canadian doubles” or “cutthroat tennis”, which is why I wrote “cut their throat” and “2 on 1, canada.”
Carefully, I wrapped each of the four boxes, sealing them off with a ribbon. INSIDE EACH ONE was a human hand, with a letter carved on it, saved from my [size=104]first years[/size] of killing. I also put a little note in each box.
[quote="note"]bsddddddbsddddddbsddddddbs msddddddmsddddddmsddddddms dsdddddddsdddddddsddddddds gsddddddgsddddddgsddddddgs gsddddddgsddddddgsddddddgs lghddddddlghddddddlghddddddlgh raddddddraddddddraddddddra salddddddsalddddddsalddddddsal itedddddditedddddditeddddddite[/quote]
It was up to them to figure out what it meant. I snuck the boxes near the officers without them noticing.

amk578 - B
dxu46 - I
hmmm - A
sciolyperson1 - S

[i]my killing skills are getting a bit rusti(y)[//i]
I made the size of “first years” slightly bigger - The First Years is a company that sells stuff for babies, including strollers.
B I A S = I A S B = In A Stroller Box
The letters are the first letter of every word in “Baby Shark,” a nursery rhyme - to hint to “stroller boxes” because strollers are typically for babies and toddlers.
The italics are an ID clue - rusty refers to Rustin, an invitational that my school has consistently been attending.
>>>HAHAHA maybe my killing skills are no longer rusty, as I was easily able to grab and kill hippo9, hiding in a stroller box.

Ah, enough killing for now, 2 kills in a row? Time to sit back and watch some movies! First up, Big Hero 6, love Baymax. I passed aisle 7, so I grabbed a bag of marshmallows to much sugar.

[size=1][[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[I TOOK OINTOINSTOITE (OIHOINDROID MOINOIS FOIVV) ALLLLL THE WAY HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]][/size]<<<
baymax - pillowlike
Marshmallows - pillowlike
ID - no longer rusty - don’t go to rustin anymore
ID - I took (ointoinstoite = interstate) (oihoindroid moinois foivv (a hundred minus five)) all the way home - interstate 95 is on the east coast - this was to hint that I live on the east coast
- The websites were ID - all of the words that the website led to were words that kinda sounded like parts of "waffletree"
- Another small ID - the number hiding spot that "waffletree" was listen next to, would spell out "w-a-f-f-l-e-t-r-e-e" except I only got to "w-a-f-f." Since W's number, 23, wasn't on the list, I just used 3.
- The "list of people" were just people that have been active in recent games
lil waffle?
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