SciOly Assassination 106: Curtain Call

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Re: SciOly Assassination 106: Curtain Call

Postby robotman » April 24th, 2016, 2:34 pm

Man, if robotman ever learns how to use the English language well, he could be a killer assassinator.
<insert joke about this is why robot is a CS major>
but I'm a CS major too
Wait, was that me? I literally do not remember.
I think it was actually you, Z -- not me, EAST, or robot, and iwonder hasn't been as involved in the sassy games as you, IIRC.
I think you're right. That looks like something I would write. And it was April Fools' Day as well, which is telling.
Do y'all want a ban? Cause this is how you get a ban :P
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