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Polling Place Guidelines

Post by EastStroudsburg13 » September 12th, 2014, 4:32 pm

Welcome to The Polling Place, your home for various polls of any kind! If you are new to this subforum, please note the following general guidelines:
  • Polls are submitted for moderation. This means that all polls will be reviewed by a moderator before being approved.
  • Poll submittals should be created using the "Poll creation" tab in the new topic screen. Users that submit a topic without using Poll creation will be asked to resubmit (as we will not be able to tell what you want as the options for the poll).
  • Polls should appeal to a wide variety of users. Polls that are too specific will only get a few votes and not be that useful.
  • Polls should not be personal, or refer to specific people on your team. This is to protect privacy.
  • Spam will be dealt with as on the rest of the board, i.e. will result in warnings and a possible ban.
All issues about poll approval, or anything else related to moderation of this subforum, should be directed to me and/or bernard via PM.

This can be a great place to get a sense of the scioly.org population. Have fun, and happy polling!
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