EV Scores at Nationals

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Re: EV Scores at Nationals

Post by windu34 » April 13th, 2016, 4:21 pm

ChocolateLove wrote:
windu34 wrote:
ChocolateLove wrote:I personally believe that any score 20 points and below will be competitive at nationals. If you are sub-20, I think that you are almost guaranteed to be in the top 10 placements at nationals. However, if I have to say one score that will win 1st place, that score would be 15 points.
Agreed. I feel that sub-20 will guarantee staging because I can only realistically imagine there being 0-2 sub-20 scores (seeing as how mentor will not be attending nats)
Windu, do you believe the majority of 'top' teams (those who place between say 15th - 5th), will end up somewhere in the 25-30 point range?
Id say more like 25-40
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