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Re: Astronomy C

Post by Unome » April 18th, 2017, 2:38 pm

Adi1008 wrote:Here's my question:


The figure above plots core temperature vs. density for a sun-like star. The dashed line marks the boundary between nondegeneracy and degeneracy

a. Which letter represents the onset of core helium fusion?
b. Which letter(s) represents a possible location of our Sun on thisplot?
c. Which side of the dashed line (left or right) represents a degenerate core?
d. Which letter best represents SAO244567?
e. During which letter (that is, stage of stellar evolution) does this sun-like star spend the most time?
f. Which letter represents the stage where the star undergoes thermal pulses?
g. The luminosity of this star (increases/decreases) going from A to B
h. The luminosity of this star (increases/decreases) going from D to E
i. Which letter(s) represent the location of the object depicted in the image below?

Also, assuming this is core density, and not total star density:
a. D
c. The right side is degenerate
d. F (or maybe E or G; I'm not sure on the specifics of its situation)
e. B
f. E
g. decreases
h. increases
i. E
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