2017 Summer Wiki Drive

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Re: 2017 Summer Wiki Drive

Postby raxu » August 25th, 2017, 3:51 pm

Yep! The main hope was to get all caught up on past events so that when the rules are released, we can focus on updating the new pages, and we've definitely come a long way in that regard. A lot of impressive stuff by a lot of people has happened this drive.
The week after labor day will be busy with the wiki! Fortunately not much school work then :)
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Re: 2017 Summer Wiki Drive

Postby EastStroudsburg13 » September 4th, 2017, 7:54 am

Here are the long-awaited August and overall results! First, I'll post August, and the next post will have the final results.

Stub (WINNER: JasperKota)
Stub posts definitely got cut down a bit this month! It was JasperKota's additions to the Flying Bird Wiki that took the prize, as the edits were close enough together to all qualify for the Stub category. Person also made additions to the Code Busters Wiki (more on that later), Raxu added data to many pages, and Fridaychimp added some basic info to the [wiki]Anatomy/Lymphatic System[/wiki].

Incomplete (WINNER: Person)
Person makes it 2 of 3 in the Incomplete category by adding tremendous amounts of data to the Code Busters Wiki and Endangered, Extinct, and Exotic Animals Wiki. Raleway came second due to the transfer of information from their sandbox to the Materials Science Wiki (prorated based on the amount that ended up getting transferred). Raxu came through with a high amount of Incomplete contributions as well, mainly to the Compound Machines Wiki, [wiki]Astronomy/Exoplanets[/wiki], and Code Busters Wiki. Other major contributions included JasperKota's continued work on the [wiki]Invasive Species List/Aquatic Animals[/wiki], Lumosityfan's additions to various Astro-related pages such as the [wiki]Solar System/Extraterrestrial Water[/wiki], [wiki]Solar System/Missions[/wiki], and [wiki]Astronomy/Exoplanets[/wiki], and Tesel's assistance to the addition to the Materials Science Wiki.

Outdated (WINNER: Raxu)
We only had a couple of remaining Outdated pages for 2017, but getting these fixed were important for being ready for 2018. Raxu and Catty6052 took these challenges head-on, with Raxu edging out this result by helping with the Air Trajectory Wiki, Bridge Building Wiki, and Wind Power Wiki. Catty's assistance on the Air Trajectory Wiki and Wind Power Wiki was no less helpful, though.

Cleanup (WINNER: Raxu)
Cleanup got dealt with a lot last month, so this month's cleanup numbers were a little lower. Raxu stood out here, though, with work on many pages, including the Scrambler Wiki. Other users who assisted were Person, who helped with the Circuit Lab Wiki and Cell Biology Wiki, 49ers, who also helped with the Cell Biology Wiki, and Fridaychimp, who helped with the Scrambler Wiki.

Needs Work (WINNER: Raxu)
In the final stretch of the drive, despite there being less tags to remove, we still had quite a few dealt with. Raxu took the top prize by being awarded more tag removals than any one user for any month during this drive, with 13. Person came in second with 4, and Catty6052, JasperKota, and Lumosityfan also helped with multiple tags. Finally, antoine ego and Kimpossiblee received credit for edits that were made earlier on pages whose tags were removed this month.

Overall (WINNER: Person)
No surprises here; Person makes it a three-for-three. However, Raxu had enough edits to get closer to Person than any user had before. Raleway's transferred edits for the Materials Science Wiki also boosted their total significantly, and JasperKota exceeded 10000 bytes for the second straight month. Other users who exceeded 1000 were Lumosityfan, Dxu46, Tesel, Catty6052, 49ers, and Froggie.

I'll post more summaries about the drive as a whole in my post about the overall winners, which will come later today. But I still want to thank all the users who donated their time to contributing toward this; it is thanks to you that our wiki can thrive as a resource for new students across the country!
1. JasperKota (5126)
2. Person (2421)
3. Raxu (984)
4. Fridaychimp (299)

1. Person (45964)
2. Raleway (30620)
3. Raxu (26857)
4. JasperKota (10324)
5. Lumosityfan (7133)
6. Tesel (3775)
7. Dxu46 (1384)
8. NeilMehta (477)
9. Froggie (433)
10. Fridaychimp (299)

1. Raxu (1417)
2. Catty6052 (1142)

1. Raxu (504)
2. Person (78)
3. 49ers (50)
4. Fridaychimp (26)
5. Kimpossiblee (15)
6. Malikaow1004 (13)
7. JasperKota (10)
8. Catty6052 (5)
9. Lumosityfan (3)

[u][b]Needs Work[/b][/u]
1. Raxu (13)
2. Person (4)
3. Catty6052 (3)
4. JasperKota (2)
5. Lumosityfan (1.5)
6. Antoine ego (0.5)
7. Kimpossiblee (0.5)

1. Person (46199)
2. Raxu (40510)
3. Raleway (30620)
4. JasperKota (15561)
5. Lumosityfan (7133)
6. Dxu46 (3963)
7. Tesel (3775)
8. Catty6052 (3000)
9. 49ers (1866)
10. Froggie (1556)
11. It1023 (847)
12. NeilMehta (521)
13. Fridaychimp (489)
14. Kunzec (471)
15. BrownieInMotion (387)
16. Peoneill (292)
17. Timemaster3000 (219)
18. Macgyver (212)
19. Sports2448 (114)
20. GoldDigger (104)
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Re: 2017 Summer Wiki Drive

Postby EastStroudsburg13 » September 4th, 2017, 4:29 pm

Finally, here are the overall results to the drive! I'll go through each one quickly, and then I'll do an overall summary to wrap up the drive. :)

For a full ranking of each category, click here!

Person rode an active July with the Ornithology stubs and other trial events to claim the Stubs crown with a score of 12821. NeilMehta's massive contributions to Potions and Poisons gave him second place with 9060, and JasperKota's edits to the Balloon Launch Glider Wiki in July and the Flying Bird Wiki in August resulted in a third place finish, with 6244. Fourth went to Tesel, with 5980 points from the [wiki]Chem Lab/Physical Properties[/wiki] and the Japanese International Team Wiki, and the top five was rounded out by 49ers, who earned 3941 points from the [wiki]Severe Storms/Atmospheric Rivers[/wiki] and Nuclear Science Lab Wiki. Others in the top 10 were raxu, Dxu46, Fridaychimp, The48thYoshi, and Pikachu4919.

To illustrate how much work went to stubs, we had 37 total pages that were marked as Stubs at some point. 9 pages remain. That means 76% of stubs were fully dealt with, and more received contributions. That's fantastic.

In what became a trend, Person took the Incomplete title as well. The majority of the 80921 points came from the Code Busters Wiki, Endangered, Extinct, and Exotic Animals Wiki, and [wiki]Invasive Species List/Aquatic Plants[/wiki]. Raxu made consistently strong contributions throughout all three months to end in second with 48232 points, mainly from the Compound Machines Wiki and Reach for the Stars Wiki. Raleway's additions to the Materials Science Wiki earned third with 30620 points, and JasperKota's contributions to the [wiki]Invasive Species List/Aquatic Animals[/wiki] and other pages gained 27006 points. Kimpossiblee edged out NeilMehta by a score of 11539-10963 for fifth place for additions to the [wiki]Severe Storms/Winter Storms[/wiki]. Other top 10 users were Lumosityfan, Tesel, Whythelongface, and Antoine ego. Other users that exceeded 1000 points for Incomplete were Dxu46, Catty6052, Entomology, 49ers, Fridaychimp, and Tm-scioli.

Although Incomplete has the most pages remaining, it's arguably the toughest to deal with, as many events will have missing parts that can only be added by experts in the event. Overall, 44 pages were marked at Incomplete for some part of this drive, and 36 of these pages received edits towards completion; this is a very impressive effort.

OUTDATED (CHAMPION: Whythelongface)
Whythelongface helped update the Remote Sensing Wiki in June, and their early count of 6745 points managed to hold up through the entire drive to win the Outdated category. Dragonfruit35 came close, though, by updating the Mission Possible B Wiki and Robot Arm Wiki to the tune of 6253 points. Third went to Catty6052 with 4958 points from the Wind Power Wiki and Air Trajectory Wiki. Dxu46 earned fourth with 1866 points to the Mission Possible B Wiki in July, and raxu finished fifth with 1417 points to four different wikis, including 912 points to the Air Trajectory Wiki, in August. Other users who assisted with Outdated pages were Meachso and Kimpossiblee. In total, users were able to eliminate all existing Outdated pages, as the only remaining Outdated pages are new for 2018. Awesome job!

This category was ended pretty early on, as raxu and Tesel took care of this pretty quickly. Tesel took the first month by a count of 9 to 7, but raxu came back in July to finish with a total of 13 points, which superseded Tesel's 9. Kudos go to both, though, for taking care of this category so efficiently!

Cleanup had a pretty quiet June. Once July came around though, edits were fast and furious, led by a quartet of particularly active editors. Catty6052 jumped ahead of everyone with 867 lines cleaned up in July alone, and finished with 905 points total. This was enough to hold off a late push by raxu, who added 504 points in August to finish with 859. Person took a break from his massive volume of editing to do some cleanup as well, finishing with 295 points in this category, and Dragonfruit completed the quartet with 159 points, including 130 in July alone. Finally, Panda Weasley's 60 points from June were able to hang onto 5th, narrowly beating out 55 from Fridaychimp, 54 from Dxu46, and 50 from 49ers. Others in the top 10 were Kimpossiblee and Markuswso17.

Work on other categories was definitely impressive, but I may be most impressed by the cleanup that happened. Every page was cleaned up somewhat, and some of the more impressive cleanup jobs, such as 292 combined lines for the Circuit Lab Wiki, 223 lines for the [wiki]Meteorology/Everyday Weather[/wiki], and 356 lines for the Scrambler Wiki, completely transformed some pages for the better in terms of clarity, organization, and effectiveness. The state of the wiki has been tremendously elevated by you guys.

While all of these categories are important, the tags themselves really were at the heart of this drive, and you guys went above and beyond. We went from having no categories with 0 pages to two with 0 pages and three more with single digits. Raxu led the way as he did throughout most of this drive, with 26.5 (!) total points from tag removals. That's almost one third of all tag removals credited in this drive.Catty6052 finished second with 13.5 points, many of which were gained in the massive cleanups during July. Person gained 12.5 points, which came from a wide variety of pages, in both July and August. Fourth was Tesel with 5.5 points, which were collected in June, many from dealing with the Japanese International Team Wiki so effectively. Fifth was a tie between JasperKota and dragonfruit35, who both finished with 4 points. We also had a tie for seventh between Lumosityfan and Dxu46, and for ninth with Fridaychimp, NeilMehta, and 49ers. Many thanks to all of you!

Of course, the wiki should not neglect the pages that explicitly had tags, so we also included a category for overall editing. Person took this, with a massive amount of additions to many different event pages and other pages resulting in a total score of 144230 (!). Raxu, unsurprisingly, was also near the top, with 80292 points gained from many different contributions. JasperKota took third with 33132, many of which came from Invasive Species pages, and Raleway's project gained a fourth-place finish with 30935. This was just over Dxu46, who made incredible contributions to the Experimental Design Wiki on the way to 29888 points. Sixth through eighth saw a close group of Tesel with 16505 points, Whythelongface with 16502 points, and Antoine ego with 16260 points, much of which came in the early rounds of the drive. Ninth and tenth saw the other two users who exceeded 10000 points, with Kimpossiblee at 11873 and NeilMehta at 11007. Users in the top 20 included Lumosityfan, Catty6052, ScienceOlympian, Dragonfruit35, Dcrxcode, 49ers, Fridaychimp, Entomology, Meachso, and Adi1008.

In total, 470558 bytes of information were added to the wiki (not including user pages).

For my final words, I'd just like to thank everyone for being involved with this. A successful drive such as this really depends on the users, and it's thanks to all of you who helped in any way that we were able to succeed the way we did. Some of you definitely went above and beyond the call of duty (and those users should be receiving awards of some kind rather shortly!), but any edit is helpful, and it's the massive crowd-sourced editing system that has allowed our wiki to become one of the best central Science Olympiad resources out there. This also might be my last major project on the site, as I'm starting to get up there in age and we've got a great group of younger users who I want to make sure can help shape the site how they can, and I'm just glad it worked as well as it did.

And keep in mind, although this drive is over, the wiki is still there for assistance! 2018 rules will be out tomorrow, and then it'll be a quest to add in information for the new events and topics the best we can to accommodate new students who are trying to find out exactly what their event is. Remember, even though the wiki probably doesn't have enough information for those of you looking to compete at nationals, there are lots of teams that aren't as strong that are just looking for any way to learn about their events, and if a helpful wiki page can help spark an interest in just one student somewhere out there, we've succeeded in what we're trying to do. :)

Thanks again, and happy (continued) editing! :D
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