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Welcome to the 2021 Season!

Posted: September 8th, 2020, 11:55 am
by bernard
Welcome to the 2021 season! While this will not be our usual season in many ways, we've been working on launching features to help you make the most of your season.

Over the past months, the Wiki has undergone improved organization, expansion, and redesign. WikiProject Tournament of States, a collaboration among our Wiki-editing community led to updates for and creation of hundreds of tournament pages. With updated and expanded templates, you can find the information you're looking for more quickly. These impressive upgrades have been made possible by our community—you! Contributions to the Wiki might land you a medal and we've begun offering volunteer hours for your Wiki edits. (We realized you may still have requirements for graduation while many in-person volunteer opportunities are cancelled, so we want to help you still meet those requirements!)

About a week ago, we launched the Discord Server, an upgrade to the decades old IRC Chat we had been using. This server is an inclusive space for all people of Science Olympiad and includes many more channels and features, courtesy of our resident assistant Pi-Bot!

Our Forums have undergone their usual rollover. We've also added links to last season in each subforum for quick access and created dedicated topics for each tournament format: MY SO, mini SO, Satellite SO, The Gold Standard, and 3C's. We want to support your Science Olympiad experience, however it may take place.

You can look forward to a redesigned Gallery—an image and video sharing platform with commenting, voting, and more—and uploads enabled for our updated Test Exchange. We hope to release both within the next weeks.

Any feedback you provide (as a post in the Feedback forum) will help us make your season as rewarding as possible! Happy competing to you and your team!