Welcome to the 2022 Season!

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Welcome to the 2022 Season!

Post by bernard »

Greetings, and welcome to the start of the 2022 season!

While in many ways this still may not be our usual season, Scioly.org continues our dedication to making your Science Olympiad season as enriching as possible however it may take place.

With this season's rollover, we've launched a redesigned Gallery, an image and video sharing platform with commenting, voting, and more, developed by our very own samy-oak-tree! After many years offline, we are thrilled to bring back this resource that for many years has been a source of inspiration for build events. Check it out at scioly.org/gallery!

This season also marks the one-year anniversary of our Chat transition to Discord. With 3,500+ users currently on Chat, over the past year you've helped contribute more than 1 million messages and even helped us achieve Partner status with Discord! If you're not already on Chat, we'd love for you to join us at discord.gg/scioly! We hope that Chat will continue to be a great resource for connecting with and helping each other, regardless of where you are.

Alongside your Science Olympiad preparations, we hope you're continuing to give attention to your own health, both mentally and physically. Find time for mindfuless, self care, exercise, or whatever helps you feel more like yourself. We've compiled a list of mental wellness resources that we hope will help you with feeling your best during this season.

Later this year, you can look forward to a completed Test Exchange, with uploads enabled and improved organization. (For real this time!)

As always, any feedback you provide (as a post in the Feedback forum) will help us make your season as rewarding as possible! Happy competing to you and your team!
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