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We Want YOU To Help The Wiki

Postby zyzzyva980 » March 17th, 2014, 1:34 pm

Ever think to yourself, "Self, I'd love to help edit the wiki, but I just don't know where to start?" We understand that helping edit the wiki might be intimidating at first, so the staff has compiled a list of things that we'd love to see you guys get done. Now that competition season is winding down for many teams, if you have a little extra time and want to help out, here's a list of things (in no particular order) that you might consider doing:

  • Clean up the pages in Category:Cleanup Wiki, for example:
  • Improve the wording (and LATEX, if you're feeling particularly saucy) on the Circuit Lab (Episodes) Wiki and Sumo Bots Wiki
  • Update the Scioly History Wiki
  • Go through the Special:UncategorizedPages Wiki and categorize each of them by adding [[Category:WhateverTheCategoryIs]] to the bottom (you can do the same with uncategorized files, too)
  • If you know your way around BBCode (like the forums) you could improve the BBCode Wiki for those that don't
  • Improve and standardize the formatting of external links
  • Special:WantedPages Wiki includes the pages that have links to them from other pages, but don't exist yet. Research and create some of these pages, especially basic state and competition history
  • Special:LonelyPages Wiki includes pages that exist but aren't linked from other pages. "Build the web" by adding internal links between pages so they aren't lonely anymore
  • Events that rotated in this year or are set to rotate in next year are often incomplete (e.g., the Compound Machines Wiki). Research and add to those event pages
Or, you know, find something else that you know a lot about that you can improve. Don't limit yourself to just this list.
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