Northern California 2018

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Re: Northern California 2018

Post by BynessTygrasse » April 16th, 2018, 8:16 am

Name wrote:
dxu46 wrote:
SOPomo wrote:B

3rd Churchill
2nd Miller
1st Kennedy

Lot's of shakeups here...first NY, KS, FL....
Churchill was projected to be weaker but third is kinda bad... BVN has usually been beating Olathe at regionals for the most part so it's mostly been a matter of time before BVN won. NY B tho Eagle hill got 4th right after thier state championship rip

If only NY Division C could have a shakeup besides the usual 3 :cry:
churchill has lost many coaches over the past few years so this was going to happen eventually. Their head coach is a PE teacher. Looks like Kennesy is now the team to beat so many gold medals at state, very impressive!


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