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Re: Florida 2018

Posted: April 7th, 2018, 5:47 am
by Verdigris
Actually, taking the test apart and dividing it between the two of you is extremely helpful for most test events, since it allows you to complete the test almost twice as fast as you would normally- especially once you get into Division C, or go to State levels. In fact, some State tests are so long that dividing the test is the only way you can reasonably expect to finish the whole thing (glances at Disease Detectives C and Remote Sensing C).

I'd also recommend trying different ways to divide your work on some of the different practice tests that are posted here. Using Disease Detectives as an example, after doing some practice tests, you might find that one partner is better at case studies, while the other is better at quickly remembering facts/statistics- in which case, you'd want to have the first partner do the case studies, and the other partner do the multiple choice. And of course, you both should check each other's work.