Remembering Len Joeris (Balsa Man)

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Re: Remembering Len Joeris (Balsa Man)

Post by hearthstone224 » March 18th, 2018, 10:19 am

Although I don’t really use the towers forums anymore since I don’t do towers anymore, one day I just came back to see how the forum is doing (since I was pretty active two seasons ago, doing towers for the first time). This news is just crazy to me. Condolences to the joeris family.

Balsa Man was someone that helped me greatly: I remember coming in there all confused and posting really basic questions such as “how to build the tower”? Balsa Man kindly but firmly told me to put in some time myself to look up his past posts, which were (as many have mentioned) full of detail and guidance.

After looking through his posts, I had questions. I private messaged Balsa Man, and in some cases just posted on the forum. I don’t know how much time Balsa Man put into his answers, but every time I asked something I knew it would not only answer my current question, but any other future
questions I had too.

I remember once he sent me an excel sheet... I was so in awe at how much information was in it. I had asked for the dimensions of the base that I was discussing with him, and had only asked for the numbers... but he gave me the buckling strengths, the precise lengths in cm for each brace, a 2D design... I really appreciated it.

I ended up getting 3rd at regionals, and I thanked him for his help. He never responded, but I suspect that’s because he was too busy helping others. The one time I did send him a picture of my tower, he gave me words of encouragement and told me it looked great.

My friends would always ask me how I got all the measurements and numbers that I was getting. I showed them Balsa Man on the forums and it became almost a running joke that Balsa Man was the last member of the team since we were essentially listening to all his advice.

Thank you for your help to a complete stranger living in Illinois Mr. Joeris. Our towers team will always remember you.
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Re: Remembering Len Joeris (Balsa Man)

Post by MadCow2357 » March 31st, 2018, 6:35 am

I was hoping that I could finally see Balsa Man/ Len Joeris in person if we went to Colorado this year. My thoughts and feelings are with the Joeris family, and I agree that the Towers forum will never be the same again. This was my first year ever doing a Balsa Structures event, and I cannot explain to you how much Balsa Man helped me onto the right track for Towers. I will start writing his name on my towers as well. So much respect for him, and such a shame for one who was so wise and magnanimous to pass away...

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Re: Remembering Len Joeris (Balsa Man)

Post by sciolycats » April 9th, 2018, 4:49 pm

I'm so sorry. We should have some sort of tribute to Balsa Man at Nationals.


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