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Re: Fossils B/C

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Fyren wrote: December 3rd, 2020, 7:23 pm Well strwbrrycoco, you aren't allowed to bring a field guide into the test itself, but you can use a field guide to help make your notes. The two field guides I would recommend are the DK Smithsonian Fossils Handbook and the National Audobon Society Fossils Guide. The latter has plenty of information packed in on most of the fossils you will need to know, but from my experience the format is a bit difficult to understand and can be annoying at times due to how tiny it is. I prefer the DK Smithsonian Fossils Handbook just because of how well formatted it is and because it is easy to understand and find the information you need. It also has large, high quality pictures of each fossil, but the DKSFH will not cover nearly as many fossils on the list as the NAS Fossils Guide. (Disclaimer: Fyren only touched the NAS Fossils Guide a few times before giving up on using it, so take this advice with a grain of salt as you should with most pieces of advice.)
As for what you need to put in your binder, you should make sure to have a copy of the Science Olympiad Fossils List and the Geologic Time Scale. As I mentioned above, you will be tested on the concepts listed in section 3.e. of the Fossils rules, so it is a good idea to have some notes on those topics as well as anything else you think is relevant to the event. Just make sure to keep it all in an organized format and try not to have an excessive amount of notes shoved into your binder as it will slow you down.
Since you said you were new, I'd also recommend you to take some of the Fossils tests found in the test exchange section of the website so you can get used to what the test format is like. If you have any other questions or need anything clarified, feel free to post on here or send me a PM.

Speaking of advice, anything I should know while writing tests for Fossils? I get the jist of it, but I just wanted to see if you guys had any tips specifically targeted towards tests for Fossils. :P
I think Its important to stay on topic and stick to the fossil list. I have done some tests that took one obscure fossil either on the list or a state fossil, and went way more in depth with that one than was reasonable.
Also, try not to do anything thats really new, no matter how revolutionary. Many students (Like me!) won't be keeping up with that type of stuff, instead we are trying to grapple the classical fossil stuff.
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