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Re: Score Discussion

Postby builderguy135 » April 10th, 2019, 7:40 pm

knightmoves wrote:
builderguy135 wrote:v=sqrt(2gh)

This assumes you have a frictionless ball sliding down the ramp, and so all the gravitational potential energy is available for the kinetic energy of the center of mass. You don't, and it isn't. The ball rolls, and so some of the energy is converted to rotational energy instead.

d = v^2/g is fine, but setting 0.5mv^2 = mgh is not. When you include the rotational energy that the ball must have, your expression is 0.7mv^2 = mgh,
which gets you d = (1/0.7)h

Oh, that's probably right.
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Re: Score Discussion

Postby scottK2019 » April 11th, 2019, 9:50 am

To get higher score, you may need to start with a Polycarbonate tube with smoothly bended 45 degree at one end. The start end would be straight with 5-10 degree tilted from vertical direction. You can learn how to bend the Polycarbonate tube from youtube. Then jump 35-45mm, with similar setting at another end but with wide opening. You need to make sure the receiving end with an angles which near the tangent dropping curve. Then ball would keep more energy (you can see how high the ball reach at the receiving tube). Repeat the above and adjust the height for next two.

Good luck, guys.

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