2021 Golden Gate Invitational (C)

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Re: 2021 Golden Gate Invitational (C)

Post by pb5754 » February 22nd, 2021, 6:03 pm

Event Reviews:

Astronomy (14th): We unstacked, so being split from my usual partner meant I had to carry math, even though I'm a DSO person. That being said, I found all the math to be pretty manageable, and I mostly lost points because of sillies (e.g., using bolometric luminosity to calculate distance when the visible apparent magnitude is given, forgetting that period is squared in Kepler's 3rd law, etc. :rolling_eyes:). I got through pretty much the entire math section too, so I definitely would have expected something harder, though I heard the DSO section was relatively hard. Good test nevetheless.

Fossils (23rd): Apparently we were only like 12 points away from 7th, so it doesn't seem like the score distribution was that good. Despite that, I thought the test was pretty good and covered all the content well.

Geologic Mapping (4th): Test was wayyy too easy (my partner and I finished in around 32 minutes, and I heard many other teams finished in around that amount of time). The test was fairly long (112 questions), but mostly easy multiple choice. Like Fossils, the score distribution was not great from what I could gather.

Protein Modeling (14th): Not much to say about this, was a pretty good test in my opinion. No major complaints.

Overall (8th/7th superscored): I guess I was a little disappointed overall, mostly because Designer Genes had to be trialed. The Scilympiad issues during Block 1 and the Onshape issues were pretty unfortunate, but not much could have been done about those.
I guess the main takeaway from the results is that NJ :clap: IS :clap: OFFICIALLY :clap: THE :clap: MOST :clap: COMPETITIVE :clap: STATE :clap: IN :clap: THE :clap: COUNTRY.
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Re: 2021 Golden Gate Invitational (C)

Post by jaggie34 » February 22nd, 2021, 9:29 pm

Circuit Lab

Hi everyone! AngelMB and I were the test writers and supervisors for Circuit Lab at GGSO! First off, we just want to thank everyone for competing! We know there were some technical difficulties but everyone handled it very well, and for the most part the event went pretty smoothly. For this test, Angel and I’s main goal was to make the test very long as opposed to very difficult (although we did of course include plenty of difficult questions) as we believed that with the large number of teams it would be best to try to discern teams based not only on their skill but their efficiency as well. As an added bonus, it hopefully discourages cheating as teams looking to use the internet for answers wouldn’t have nearly enough time to complete the test this way. Now onto the test itself!

The test was 102 questions (382 points) split 2:1 between MC/True-False and calculation/fill in the blank with ~53% of the points coming from the latter. We did need to remove one question due to an error on our end but it didn’t have much of an impact overall. Because of the length of the test, only 11 teams actually got to answering every question, however, the majority of teams got to at least 80 questions. As for the content of the test, the area that the fewest teams were able to get points on were the more complex magnetism and circuit analysis questions. As for magnetism, this was to be expected since there are some many obscure magnetism formulas and equations. We decided to make the toughest magnetism questions based on formulas that weren’t obscure enough to be unreasonable, however the two toughest questions (B, H, and M fields/force between two surfaces) were correctly answered by 5 and 1 teams respectively! The troubles with the circuit analysis came on the questions concerning transistors, zener diodes, and one of the RC circuit questions. These were all college level questions though, so no major surprises there. There was one question that no one got right, although two teams got partial credit! This was the question concerning the impedance of a capacitor. Honestly, this question walks the tightrope between being allowed and not allowed, but we decided to include it nonetheless.

We were happy with the spread of the scores (peep the nice looking histogram below) and overall very impressed with how all teams did, especially the top few teams who hovered around 75%. A few questions we were surprised by how few teams knew (i.e. the question on dielectric leakage), but we were still glad to see so many teams do well! You can find stats and graphs below, and if anyone has any questions feel free to message me! See you all for my next test

Avg: 152.374
Q1: 124
Med: 143
Q2: 176.5
St. Dev.: 47.6731
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Re: 2021 Golden Gate Invitational (C)

Post by bernard » March 1st, 2021, 7:12 pm

Here's the histogram I promised for Digital Structures. See the rest of my comments here.

digitalstructures_2021_c_goldengate_scores_public_cropped.png (97.97 KiB) Viewed 203 times
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