The University of Texas at Austin Invitational 2020

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Re: The University of Texas at Austin Invitational 2020

Post by reninkidney »

When are tests and keys expected to be released?
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Re: The University of Texas at Austin Invitational 2020

Post by Umaroth »

divya wrote: November 3rd, 2020, 10:25 pm Hi,

It would be great if we can get some insight on few questions from Crime Buster.
1) What is more acidic - lemon juice vs vinegar - How would one determine the correct answer, based on our readings lemon juice has ph 2 and vinegar ~2.5. The exam expected the answer to be vinegar, it would be great if you can provide some resource that would clarify.
2) What metal produces bubbles with 20 seconds delay with HCL - Zn vs Al - From youtube experiments looks like Zn reacts violently with HCl, releasing H2 causing bubbles, where as Al displays delayed reaction. Any pointers here would be really helpful.
3) Identifying salt vs sugar - from the pictures its hard to distinguish cube structure (salt) from rounded hexagonal shape (sugar) anything else that can help identify one vs other?

This is our first year doing science olympiad. Any guidance is really helpful. Thanks a lot for your time!

HI, these are all event-specific questions so I would recommend that you ask them in the event forums. It's more likely that people who do Crime Busters will look in the Crime Busters thread.
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Re: The University of Texas at Austin Invitational 2020

Post by sciolyperson1 »

reninkidney wrote: November 4th, 2020, 1:52 pm When are tests and keys expected to be released?
According to Longitivitis in the discord server, they want to get it out by 11/9.
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Re: The University of Texas at Austin Invitational 2020

Post by Longivitis »

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Re: The University of Texas at Austin Invitational 2020

Post by atxscioly »


Hello everyone,

ATX Science Olympiad is excited to announce that our 2021-2022 member application is NOW OPEN! We are looking for incoming UT students who are passionate about improving the Science Olympiad experience and engaging in meaningful STEM outreach to join our team. More information can be found on our application [link:], including the positions we are actively recruiting for. We will be evaluating applications on June 11th as well as mid-August, so apply early if you want to start working with us this summer!

In addition to our annual invitational and regional tournaments, we manage multiple outreach initiatives, from mentoring students at local Title I schools to hosting our annual Coaches’ Clinic. Many of our members forge deep connections throughout the Science Olympiad community, designing trial events, supervising at tournaments across the country, and even helping write the rules!

We will be hosting an interest meeting on June 3rd, from 6-7 pm CST if you want to learn more about our organization. The zoom link is and is also located within the application. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, our team would be more than happy to answer them - just shoot us an email at Whether you’re an experienced Science Olympiad veteran or simply someone who loves STEM, we’d love to have you join our team!
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