Just trying to get my bad plane to fly

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Re: Just trying to get my bad plane to fly

Post by klastyioer » March 8th, 2019, 7:22 am

fifty_missions wrote:
just a warning its not a gr8 winder, but itll work if youre on a budget

http://shop.modelaircraft.org/dept.aspx ... a-87a08c2d (comes w a crappy plane and some rubber as well, have ur siblings play w it or give it to some kid and tell em to have fun w it)
Interesting. That "Crappy" Airplane just flew a 1:38 in our local gym. The AMA Alpha is out-of-stock for a good reason, it flies and flies well for an airplane assembled in 5 minutes. In fact, it will be the focus of Science Olympiad's new trial event AERIAL SCRAMBLE.

As for the Crappy winder... are you kidding? It is a 20:1 winder that is extremely robust with smooth action! Not only is it the only one on the market, it would cost $30 if it were available on its own. At $7.95 the kit is a steal with airplane and winder.

Check this video-

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... brandon+ii

Good Luck-
50 Missions
i wouldnt know much abt the winder because i havent physically used one of them before but i did see a team use on at regs and it was very clicky tiny and didnt seem like a durable long lasting winder (not that it rly matters it gets the job done sooo)
yes thats the point im making it includes a plane and a winder w rubber for a v low price
thing is by crappy i mean it isnt the most ideal plane for this event
its quite tiny might be heavy but i have no idea because i believe its made out of foam and some plastic
and other kits would do you more good then this
get what im saying?
but yeah if you have limited budget and dont plan to invest in a better winder, that would be fine
and you get a bonus plane to mess around w
it's not about the medals; go out there and have fun. make progress, learn a few things and have one heck of a time; that's all that matters.

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