Balsa Wood Database??

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Balsa Wood Database??

Post by JZhang1 » November 24th, 2019, 3:19 pm

So basically I wanted to compile a database of the Critical Load - Mass relationship of all kinds of balsa sticks. It would probably be helpful to lots of people for reasons I don't know yet. Personally, I wanted to use the data to make a mathematical model for the ideal bracing/stiffness combination for a box boomilever, and determine what kinds of wood to buy in the future without wasting money. As of right now anyone can edit the spreadsheet but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
So far I only have data for 1/8 square sticks that range from 1.3-1.6g for 36" from specialized balsa, but it'd be great if people can add data for other densities and beam sizes for ladder boomis and other designs like 1/8 x 1/4 or something on separate sheets.

For people who are new, interested, and confused, critical load is measured by using the SFPDT(single finger push down test) and is very helpful for objectively designing boomis. SFPDT consists of using a single finger to push down on one end of a vertical balsa stick while the other end is on a scale, then recording the scale reading(the critical load). I made all my measurements on 18" sticks( roughly 45.7cm) and it'd be cool if people do the same, but if you don't want to do that
just add your stuff anyway.

Feel free to contribute, help format, etc. ! ... sp=sharing
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