F1D Junior Team Selection Contest

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Re: F1D Junior Team Selection Contest

Postby bjt4888 » October 15th, 2019, 7:03 am


Great problem solving. This practice of critical thinking skills will serve you well in any field of endeavor.

Brian T

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Re: F1D Junior Team Selection Contest

Postby DatSciolyBoi » October 15th, 2019, 12:04 pm


Congrats to you team for super results. Your students will represent the US well at the Worlds. The salt mine flying should be another special experience.

A tremendous effort to build, test and compete the F1D’s!

Remind the forum (and me) the ceiling height at the team selection site (Lakehurst, NJ; hangar for the Hindenburg, I believe).

Brian T
180 feet at peak height. It takes tremendous effort to get to the ceiling.

Something I wanted to point out: my rubber snapped midflight in Round 8, punching a hole in the motorstick, and ripping one of the prop blades off. I've never in my life seen that happen before. I guess that's what happens when you wind past 120%!
Ouch, that happened to me at states before, it tore a giant hole through our wing :cry:
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Re: F1D Junior Team Selection Contest

Postby builderguy135 » October 15th, 2019, 4:11 pm

Congrats Andrew!!
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Re: F1D Junior Team Selection Contest

Postby coachchuckaahs » October 15th, 2019, 7:21 pm

Each of my kids made it to near the rafters, each on their own day. Monet was the only one to touch, but Josiah was there on Sunday, and Anjulie on Saturday. It was interesting that on Sunday almost all of the planes struggled to climb without stalling. I think a humidity change affected the MS length, but not the rigging wire. We made rigging changes and got it working again on Monday.

By Monday, the planes were tired. Josiah has something loose, and never got rid of stalling in the power climb. If it crash landed and he immediately re-launched, it was fine, bu had lost its ability to climb. Anjulie had her motorstick split the seam, so it was torsionally not stiff at all, and took several flights to find the issue. Monet had stab problems Sunday, re-covered it overnight, but did not check CG. We finally got the CG correct for the last flight. It is too bad she will not be at the Salt Mine, as she had the best climbing plane among them all. A very tight spiral at probably 75 degrees climb, it was a rocket to the rafters, and then beautifully trimmed.

I think the big lesson is to get a LOT of trim flights. Just because it set a record yesterday does not mean it will work today! Especially with humidity changes (rained overnight). I was proud of my kids, who have learned to adjust, repair, and optimize their planes with little input. They keep me busy asking for different rubber loop lengths. They normally cut their own rubber, but that proved to be a bottleneck, so I spent almost every waking hour cutting, tying, and breaking in rubber, as late as 4am!

It is one thing to trim for cruise and letdown, with 0.1 oz-in of torque Once that is done, trimming for launch at over 0.5 oz-in without destroying the cruise/letdown was a challenge. So many variables!

WS is relatively simple, with low ceilings and taking off almost in cruise! When these kids apply their F1D skills in WS this year, look out!

Finally, SO WS participants: Seek out indoor flyers, in your area or online, and consider trying out for the US team! If no indoor people, get someone with some modeling experience of any type, and learn together. Just leave a LOT more time than two months! This was the first Junior Team Trials in many years with a full slate of participants, and it made for an exciting competition. I think our team will be strong next March.

Coach Chuck
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