Aerial Scramble B/C [IN/MD TRIAL]

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Re: Aerial Scramble B/C [IN/MD TRIAL]

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LittleMissNyan wrote:
mchoi595 wrote:Will this event become a trial event at 2019 nationals?
Also what average time do people get? I can only seem to squeeze out 20-30 seconds. Any tips to improve my time?
Whoa that's pretty good we only got like 4 seconds and got second somehow
I found this that might have some tips?
I got 6 seconds and 21st, heard someone got 18 seconds at my state competition. At our competition, we used the AMA Alpha, which has flimsy, unstable foam wings, and the trims we made never held for longer than one flight. The Sky Streak you mention seems to have sturdy, wood wings, so maybe that affects things? mchoi595, what plane is your competition using?
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