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Re: Experimental Design B/C

Post by kate! » April 20th, 2019, 7:49 pm

kaurs wrote:What is standard deviation?
Standard deviation is essentially a statistic that tells you how far away (deviated) the values of some trials of the independent variable are from the mean of those trials. A small standard deviation means your data was consistent, and a large one means it was spread out. If you're division C, you can just enter the numbers in your graphing calculator and there should be a button that will automatically calculate the standard deviation for you. However, if you're div B, you'll need to do more work, since you don't get a graphing calculator.

EDIT: Wait I didn't realize this was the Question Marathon and not the information thread... not sure if you were asking this as a legitimate question or a marathon question but I think I answered it as both?
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