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Seven Lakes Invitational 2018

Posted: September 22nd, 2018, 1:37 pm
by birdylayaduck08
Seven Lakes High School is excited to announce our second annual Division C invitational tournament on Saturday, December 8th, 2018! Our website is live and registration will open Monday, September 24, 2018 at 5pm. We’re limited in spots this year, so please try to register quickly.

A few distinguishing features of our tournament we think you'll like:

Stress-free scheduling: In the interest of consistency and helping students avoid conflicts, our invitational will follow the 2018-2019 national schedule conflicts, which are released at the beginning of every year by Science Olympiad Inc.
Experienced Hosts: As experienced competitors with alumni links to invitationals like Rice, UT, MIT, and Golden Gate Science Olympiad, we will strive to run our tournament with the same impeccable quality and ruthless efficiency.
Quality Events: Every event will be well-run and will follow the official rules manual. Tests will be designed in a manner such that they will challenge even the most knowledgeable competitor, and yet remain accessible to students just starting out. Engineering and lab events will be set up and run properly to ensure that every student's hard work is allowed to reach its potential.
Less work for you: All events will be written, reviewed, or run by members of the Seven Lakes Science Olympiad team or alumni. This means that coaches and parents will not be required to write tests or volunteer at the invitational, leaving them free to focus solely on coaching and supporting their own teams.
The goal of this invitational is to enrich the Science Olympiad experience of high school students across the state of Texas and provide them with ample practice for future competitions, such as Regionals or State. Furthermore, we aim to foster growth in TSO by encouraging new teams and giving them an accessible tournament. To that end, we hope to see you all at the tournament in December!

Sign up here to get updates if you're interested or want to help! If you have questions/concerns, email Hope to see you there! : )