Way Too Early Predictions

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Re: Way Too Early Predictions

Post by Deathstalker » March 18th, 2019, 1:15 pm

Tailsfan101 wrote:Alright, here we go:
1. Solon MS (OH)
[b]2. Community MS (NJ)[/b]
3. Paul J. Gelinas JHS (NY)
4. Beckendorff JHS (TX)
5. Kennedy MS (CA)
6. Piedmont MS (NC)
7. Daniel Wright JHS (IL)
8. Springhouse MS (PA)
9. Marie Murphy MS (IL)
[b]10. Hamilton MS (WI)[/b]
11. Longfellow MS (VA)
12. Meads Mill MS (MI)
13. Kraemer MS (CA)
14. Shady Side Academy (PA)
[b]15. Thomas Jefferson MS (IN)[/b]
16. Ladue MS (MO)
17. Lakeshore MS (MI)
18. Tower Heights MS (OH)
19. Iolani School (HI)
20. Bay Academy (NY)
21. Redmond MS (WA)
[b]22. Bedford MS (CT)[/b]
[b]23. Fulton Science Academy (GA)[/b]
24. Preston MS (CO)
25. Bearden MS (TN)
26. Pembroke Hill MS (MO)
[b]27. Dodgen MS (GA)[/b]
28. Wilmington Academy of Arts & Sciences (NC)
29. Chippewa MS (MN)
30. Austin Area Homeschoolers (TX)
31. Pleasant Ridge MS (KS)
32. Auburn MS (AL)
33. North Bethesda MS (MD)
[b]34. Albuquerque Area Homeschoolers (NM)[/b]
35. Meyzeek MS (KY)
36. Archimedean Middle Conservatory (FL)
37. Stoller MS (OR)
38. H.B. duPont MS (DE)
39. A.W. Coolidge MS (MA)
[b]40. Clinton MS (SC)[/b]
41. Mission MS (NE)
42. Ames MS (IA)
43. South Hills MS (UT)
44. Galaxy MS (FL)
[b]45. Bob Miller MS (NV)[/b]
46. Treasure Valley Homeschool (ID)
47. Gallagher MS (RI)
48. Walpole Elementary School (NH)
49. Wachter MS (ND)
50. Yankton MS (SD)
51. Paragon Science Academy (AZ)
52. Germantown MS (MS)
53. Glasgow MS (LA)
55. Casady School (OK)
[b]56. Hamilton MS (MT)[/b]
57. Medomak MS (ME)
[b]58. Northern Lights ABC School (AK)[/b]
59. Riverton MS (WY)
60. LISA Academy Charter School West (AR)
1. Troy HS (CA)
2. Mason HS (OH)
3. Solon HS (OH)
4. Seven Lakes HS (TX)
5. Acton-Boxborough Regional HS (MA)
[b]6. Columbia HS (NY)[/b]
7. Northville HS (MI)
8. William G. Enloe HS (NC)
9. Harriton HS (PA)
[b]10. WW-P HS South (NJ)[/b]
11. Mira Loma HS (CA)
[b]12. Mounds View HS (MN)[/b]
13. Adlai E. Stevenson HS (IL)
14. Bayard Rustin HS (PA)
15. Boca Raton Community HS (FL)
16. Ann Arbor Pioneer HS (MI)
17. New Trier HS (IL)
18. Camas HS (WA)
[b]19. Ward Melville HS (NY)[/b]
20. Chattahoochee HS (GA)
[b]21. Madison West HS (WI)[/b]
[b]22. Ed W. Clark HS (NV)[/b]
23. Pembroke Hill HS (MO)
24. Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology (VA)
25. Brookwood HS (GA)
[b]26. Carmel HS (IN)[/b]
27. Fossil Ridge HS (CO)
28. Iolani School (HI)
[b]29. Charter School of Wilmington (DE)[/b]
30. Blue Valley North HS (KS)
31. Auburn HS (AL)
32. DuPont Manual HS (KY)
33. NC School of Science & Math (NC)
[b]34. Albuquerque Area Homeschoolers (NM)[/b]
35. Centennial HS (MD)
36. Archimedean Upper Conservatory (FL)
37. Lincoln Southwest HS (NE)
38. Treasure Valley Homeschool (ID)
39. Farragut HS (TN)
40. Merrimack HS (NH)
41. St. Martin’s Episcopal School (LA)
42. Maple Mountain HS (UT)
43. South Windsor HS (CT)
44. Barrington HS (RI)
45. Ames HS (IA)
46. Catalina Foothills MS (AZ)
47. Yankton HS (SD)
48. Westview HS (OR)
49. National Cathedral School (DC)
50. Bismarck HS (ND)
[b]51. Mat-Su Career and Technical HS (AK)[/b]
52. Casady School (OK)
[b]53. Academic Magnet HS (SC)[/b]
54. Oxford HS (MS)
[b]55. Hamilton HS (MT)[/b]
56. Waynflete School (ME)
[b]57. St. Johnsbury Academy (VT)[/b]
58. Little Rock Central HS (AR)
59. Huntington HS (WV)
60. Riverton HS (WY)
1. Gelinas is too high imo, probably be switched with Kennedy and then switched with Piedmont.
2. I think SSA will do better than last year, or at least match it.
3. Pretty much everything else is the same.

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Re: Way Too Early Predictions

Post by Galahad » March 18th, 2019, 1:49 pm

Galahad wrote:
Tailsfan101 wrote:Alright, here we go:
19. Iolani School (HI)
1. Why do you think Iolani will overtake us?
2. Iolani did pretty good at Kraemer, taking 7th. I'd think they'd be higher.
3. Rip us haha
Do you think Highlands would be able to move up from their 12th spot last year?

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Re: Way Too Early Predictions

Post by Unome » March 18th, 2019, 4:36 pm

Thread locked because it's certainly no longer way too early.

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