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Post by Booknerd » November 25th, 2020, 6:23 am

Lately more tournaments have been trying out different flight methods. From my understanding, having different flights allows for teams at the same tournament to face off in two different groups, usually with the intent of allowing teams with lesser experience/not as competitive to go up against teams of similar level and have a higher chance at getting medals, and the more competitive nats/state level teams to compete in their own group, still getting the higher level competition they want without directly "demolishing" the lower level teams.. All events are run and scored as usual; the only change is that the pool of teams in which team totals and rankings are made are different. Some of the different flight methods I've heard about are A/AA and in-state/out-of-state, and I'm sure there are more different variations of flight methods that are being used out there.

I just want to start a discussion on these, to see what everyone else thinks about them. Here are some questions to get it going:

Do you like/dislike flights? What are the pros/cons to each different flight methods? What kinds of tournaments should use flights, and what tournaments shouldn't? Would it be better to distribute medals to the top 5 places in both flights or run without flights and do medals for top ten? Are doing flights worth the changes and complications in team scoring, award ceremonies, and having to deal with multiple (and sometimes confusing) scoresheets? As more tournaments start trying out different flight methods, how does this year set a precedent for tournaments to come in the following years?
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We don't talk about Pentathlon.

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