National Free Flight Society Sponsorship

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National Free Flight Society Sponsorship

Post by coachchuckaahs »

It has just been announced that the National Free Flight Society (NFFS) is now the Technology/Aeronautical Category Sponsor for the 2021 season. This includes Wright Stuff for C, and ELG for B. A press release can bee seen at the NFFS Youth Development Program facebook page, ... 3886587798.

What will this mean:
  • NFFS will provide scholarships for Div. C winners at Nationals
  • NFFS will promote indoor flying, and model flying as a hobby as well as a path to career opportunities
  • NFFS will generate resources to help students excel in the Aeronautical Category. This will include how-to videos (NFFS YouTube channel
  • NFFS will work with SO to develop a Mentor Portal to match local mentors with teams
  • NFFS will work with SO to assist/guide and/or operate the flying events at various SO tournaments
  • NFFS will promote SO involvement at NFFS/AMA Nationals, including hands on-seminars, Wright Stuff and ELG events, starting this July in Pontiac Michigan
  • NFFS Members include Coach Chuck, Coach Brian, and Coach Tom (SO Nationals ES many times), bringing a continuity of quality support
There are many additional ideas we are working on to enhance the relationship between NFFS and SO. Some of this will take time, but we hope to hit the ground running.

We believe this is a great partnership.

Coach Chuck
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Re: National Free Flight Society Sponsorship

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This is what this event has needed for a long time.
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