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This is my first time being on the science olympiad team for my high school. I have been assigned to compete in the protein modeling event, but I have NO IDEA how to get started. I have taken an introductory chemistry course, but that's it. No intro bio, ap bio, or ap chem. I have heard of and visited the "Milwaukee School of Engineering Center for BioMolecular Modeling" website, but all the terminology in the articles and videos were new and confusing to me. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that knew where I could get started- from the basics!

Please help!
Thank you!
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Re: Beginner....

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Here's part of an openstax textbook: ... 4-proteins
it has a pretty good introduction to proteins themselves and hopefully once you understand it you can begin to think about how it applies in CRISPR and base editing. The papers on the MSOE website ( ... hiffer.pdf and ... arEtAl.pdf) are pretty challenging but a lot of the event's content comes from there. The HHMI website (linked on the msoe website) offers a good visual of how CRISPR works. Let us know if you want any other resources, or if there's anything more specific that you need help with.
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