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Re: Team selections

Postby Arpitr20 » April 20th, 2019, 10:29 am

For our school, we have the students trying out sign up for what events they want, but we don't have build event tryouts. Any lab portions are also eliminated.
However, here's two aspects where I think our school might differ:
1. Tests are written by A-team students. This is because in our team, anyone who was on A-team this year does not need to try out again next year. However, people on B-team do have to re-tryout. Which brings me to my second point.
2. Students are not allowed to use cheat sheets, binders, etc. In fact, some events don't even allow calculators on tryouts. I'm not entirely sure why, but my thinking was this: three middle schools funnel into our high school, but only one of them has a Science Olympiad team, and it's a pretty decent one too. In addition, you have old members trying out again. These people likely already have access to notes and materials, and if we allowed them to bring in these notes they already have while everybody else has to make their own, that would be an extremely unfair advantage.
Hmm I think the logic behind no notes makes a lot of sense. We definitely cant give everyone on the A team retryouts because first, we have no seniors so well receive 0 fresh blood, and only 6-8 students in the A team were super motivated this year, and the new freshmen will definitely be more motivated than some on the team.
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Re: Team selections

Postby Anonymous15 » April 21st, 2019, 7:54 pm

Yeah, I always felt that test writing was a problem for our school too. It would be nice if we could find other ways to get tests for all events rather than through our upperclassmen (though having upperclassmen writing the tests definitely makes sense, it would put some stress for my school in particular because of our system). Are there any others on here that have methods that have worked really well for their team?

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