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Re: Building materials, covering

Post by jgan96 » June 3rd, 2010, 7:16 am

jander14indoor wrote:I've done it several ways.

Quickest is to simply spray a light mist of 3M77 over the frame, flip it over and drop on covering.

If you prefer a brush, thin it somewhere between 1 to 1 to as much as 3 to one, thinner to glue. How much depends on how heavy the covering is. Heavier coverings need more glue than lighter coverings. Then follow one of two paths.
- Brush a coat onto the ribs where it will contact the covering, let dry a little and then flip over and drop on covering.
- Alternatively, make a frame to hold the covering between two sticks so it droops to match your ribs. Drop the frame on the covering, brush the glue around the frame allowing it to wick between the frame and covering. Don't use much, works better with higher dilutions of thinner to glue.

Glue sticks work OK, but does tend to be heavy. If you plan ahead, you can keep it within your 7.0 gm weight budget for a WS plane. If you want to build the real light stuff, its hard to keep the weight down low enough. Plus on real light planes, hard to apply the glue stick direct without breaking things.

You can brush on glue sticks and keep things about as light as 3M77. Use rubbing alcohol or water and follow either of the brush techniques above.

Note, I don't like glue stick as I find it less stick for same weight. And seems to get weaker as time moves on. Don't have that problem with 3M77.

Jeff Anderson
Livonia, MI

Thank you for your advice. The mixture seems to work great!

Honestly, I think The Super 77 gets weaker and the glue stick holds over time. :mrgreen:

I'm a n00b. Deal with it. I love what I do. :D



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