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Re: Illinois 2010

Postby penclspinner » May 30th, 2010, 9:01 pm

melody2k6 wrote:
fleet130 wrote:A scoring penalty is basically the same as missing a question on a written test. The rules define what is allowed (the question) and if you don't follow them (an incorrect answer), you receive a penalty (you lose the points for the question). In many cases you may be informed of a scoring penalty, but not always. Under the Scoring Guidelines, you should ALWAYS be informed if you are disqualified.

What I mean is that if we received partial disqualification for an event (i.e. removing goggles for two seconds for one of the lab events, would the coaches be informed?

Disqualification is binary you are either 1 or 0, either you are disqualified or you are not. There is no partial disqualification.

If you got disqualified from an event the Event Supervisor should have notified you on the spot.

Also as stated above, the scoresheets would reflect this disqualification so you could easily double check to see if you were disqualified or not.

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Re: Illinois 2010

Postby fleet130 » May 30th, 2010, 10:47 pm

Using proper eye protection is one of those special cases that fall under SAFETY. Safety is paramount! Once a safety requirement has been identified, an event supervisor has no choice but to disqualify those who fail to comply. Partial penalties are not permitted! Supervisors would be accepting responsibility for any injury that might occur if they allowed a team to continue without meeting the requirement.

Note: In past years there have been penalties written in the rules for cases when teams needed to be reminded to follow specifically identified safety requirements. They would have been disqualified if they did not comply.
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