Class for Scioly Rumors

For anything Science Olympiad-related that might not fall under a specific event or competition.
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Re: Class for Scioly Rumors

Postby DankMcIntosh » May 10th, 2016, 4:13 pm

At our school, we have meetings in rooms at lunches and after school that are attended by our dedicated people.
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Re: Class for Scioly Rumors

Postby trentomology1999 » May 10th, 2016, 6:16 pm

Yeah, working on Science Olympiad when you have extra time during a class is something I think we all do. I have giant invasives IDing quizlet sets that I often spend a few minutes with here and there. One of my teammates tells me about how much SO stuff he does in 20th Century (that's his "Science Olympiad class").
Technically I have two, that and German (seriously, we do absolutely NOTHING in that class).
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Re: Class for Scioly Rumors

Postby Fanglin » May 11th, 2016, 5:51 pm

My school get's rivaled a lot, because we do so well compared to everyone else. The reason for this, is that our school does not have any competitive sports teams, so kids aren't pulled out of science olympiad to do sports.
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Re: Class for Scioly Rumors

Postby appleshake123 » May 16th, 2016, 4:55 pm

I have to agree, many classes during the school day goes into Scioly or amusement work, such as programming a game. The classes that I don't do work in are known as "X-Themed Studyhall"(X being the class subject such as Calc-Themed or Chem-Themed) among my minuscule circle of friends. I can get a lot of work done in Study hall than the themed study halls since it is much more peaceful being secluded.

I think doing it this way is much better than having a Scioly class in the middle of the day since it isn't structured and the feeling of forceful work isn't present, which personally lowers my efficiency.
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