Giving "Thanks!" & Updated Forum Permissions

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Giving "Thanks!" & Updated Forum Permissions

Post by bernard » March 10th, 2020, 5:06 pm

Here are some new features and updates to look for. 8-)
  • Giving "Thanks!" is all about helping others and now you can show your appreciation for posts. Go ahead and click the "thumbs up" at the top right of this post if you like this update. <3 (Note: the receiving user will be notified for any thanks given or removed.)
  • Post editing is enabled in all active forums. Make a mistake? You now have 10 minutes from posting to make any edits.
  • More private message space! We've made more room for private messages, and now you can have twice as many, up to 500! :geek:
  • Signatures now have a maximum height of 150 pixels. If your signature is TALL users will need to scroll to view it all.
  • Less spam! Before newly registered accounts can post freely, their first post will need approval by a moderator. This helps because most spam in the past came from new bot accounts.
  • For any bad apples out there... Users with many repeat violations now may be put on probation. This means every new post by that user will need approval before other users will see it. Don't be a bad apple! :!:
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