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Re: New York 2020

Post by Giantpants » March 15th, 2020, 11:14 am

Yesterday, the day of New York Division C States, undoubtedly carried some weird feelings for a lot of us New York competitors. I know personally I repeatedly found myself saying “dang I should be in this event right now” or “I should be in the parade of schools now!” But obviously that type of thinking is unproductive and won’t help me move on…

So, I figured what might be more helpful is if I took some time to acknowledge the success so many New York teams have had this year, and pay tribute to all the awesome seasons. This year saw the top New York teams reach new heights, and it was pretty evident that it was going to be one of the most competitive ones yet, especially within the top 10. So, I’ve written a brief tribute to each team ranked in the top 10 of my poll, highlighting their successes. I hope this helps us remember 2020 not for what it could have been, but for what it was and what so many teams in our New York family had already achieved.

1. Ward Melville High School – 304, 17 first place votes – Ward Melville had a great 2020 season. With extremely impressive achievements ranging from their razor thin 2nd place at LISO, to their incredible 6th at SOUP, as well as the best superscore for an NY team at MIT, this team was great, and showed great promise for a strong states and nationals finish. I am really truly excited to see what they can accomplish next year, as I am sure they will be just as strong! Congratulations to Ward Melville on an amazing season!

2. Columbia High School – 297, 14 first place votes – Columbia did exceptionally well this season too! They finished directly behind Ward at both MIT and SOUP, with great placements in 12th and 7th, showing that first place was going to be a true battle this year, as well as earned an awesome win at Yale over Montgomery and The Mount Academy. Their resilience and continuously strong performances showed that they haven’t missed a beat, and were very much in contention for another record breaking season, potentially much like 2019. I can’t want to see what you guys achieve next year! Congratulations to Columbia on an exceptional season!

3. Syosset High School – 251 – Syosset went to a ton of invitationals this year, and their incredible placements are too numerous to list, but I’ll do it anyway: 4th at Cornell, 3rd at Duke, 3rd at Brown, an exceptional 13th at MIT, directly behind Ward and Columbia, as well as an awesome 10th at SOUP (not to forget an exceptionally low score of 68 at their own regionals!). Their proximity to both Ward and Columbia shows that they were an extremely competitive force this year, and were definitely in contention for a nationals spot. I was super lucky to meet a bunch of the Syosset team members during the season, like Name and sophisSyo, and they are actually the greatest. I am extremely excited to see their team continue its success into 2021, and I know they will do really well. Congratulations to Syosset on a spectacular season!

4. Fayetteville-Manlius High School – 214, 1 first place vote – FM didn’t go to too many comps this year, but they started the season strong with an awesome 5th at Cornell, and had a great regionals score. Given their historical success, I am certain they would’ve come back full force at states, and done exceptionally well. Regardless, I am very hopeful for the future of this traditionally successful team, and wish them all the best moving into 2021. Congratulations to Fayetteville-Manlius on a great season!

5. Stuyvesant High School – 204 – Stuyvesant only was able to attend three competitions, but they did really awesome at each of them! 3rd at LISO and striking distance of Ward Melville, as well as the second best NY team superscore at MIT and a strong win at their highly competitive regional competition, this team was exceptionally strong and turned in nothing but great performances all year. They did very well at states 2019, and I know they will continue to pursue success and excellence moving into the 2021 season. Congratulations to Stuyvesant on a magnificent season!

6. Kellenberg Memorial High School – 191 – I’ll try to keep this segment about my own team short, but objectively, our season was historic and without parallel compared to any season in recent Kellenberg history. We were super blessed to attend a lot of competitions, so I’ll keep it quick: we started the season quite strong with a 3rd at Cornell and 7th at LISO, and in January earned 2nd at Columbia, 6th at Valley Forge, and 1st at North Pocono. We started February off with a record low score at our regional tournament, earning our first win since 2015 with 66 points with all 23 events counted, and continued into 5th at Centerville, beating out Northville, Pioneer, and Mentor, in one of our best competitions of the year. At SOUP, we didn’t have our best performance, but it inspired our team to do even better and work even harder moving into states. When the season began, I said I was aiming for 6th at states, as a longshot, and after Cornell, I knew our team was truly special this year. The fact that I could honestly say to my team that we had a chance of moving higher than 6th, a goal I once considered a “longshot,” was a true testament to the dedication and hard work of the 2020 Kellenberg team. While I could gush and rave about how proud I am to have been a part of and to have led this team, I’ve more than made that clear. I am exceedingly excited to see how my team does moving into 2021, and if they put in as much effort as they did this year, they can’t not be successful. Congratulations to Kellenberg on a truly epic season!

7. The Mount Academy – 157 – The Mount Academy started its season with an awesome and resounding 1st place at Columbia, and continued into an extremely impressive 3rd at Yale. I never got a proper look at their regionals scoresheet, but I think that their score was like somewhere in the 20s, which is like, ridiculously amazing. Having befriended a large number of their team members personally, I know that they are a truly committed and dedicated squad, and I know they were capable of pushing above their school’s 2018 record of 4th. From joking around with their A team guys at North Pocono after losing to them in Sounds of Music but beating them in Geologic Mapping, and making promises of retribution and vengeance at states, to our pre-Columbia Invitational study sessions and meetups, my experience with the Mount Academy’s Science Olympiad team has been nothing but positive, and I am exceedingly excited to see where they take their team into 2021 (even though I already know it will be to new heights since they’re awesome) Congratulations to the Mount Academy on a marvelous season!

8. Great Neck South High School – 98 – Great Neck South had another really strong season, with good performances at Valley Forge and regionals, as well as an awesome 8th at Princeton. Given their historically strong performance at states, there is not a doubt in my mind that they would’ve done exceptionally well. However, it is equally undoubtable that they will do just as well next year, given their historical success. I wish our regional rivals all the best moving into 2021. Congratulations to Great Neck South on a strong season!

9. Staten Island Technical High School – 57 – Staten Island Tech’s LISO superscore was extremely impressive, actually beating out us, Syosset, and Great Neck South. Establishing themselves as a true force to be reckoned with, they earned 2nd at their highly competitive regionals, and came within striking distance of us at SOUP. They did very well all year, and I am sure that 2021 will bring even more success for their team, which seems to improve more and more each year. Congratulations to Staten Island Tech on a remarkable season!

10. Townsend Harris High School – 39 – Townsend Harris did quite well at Yale, earning 5th, as well as 3rd at their competitive regional, coming very close to 2nd and even 1st, earning the most first places out of all the teams! They exhibited much growth and improvement throughout the season, similar to 2019, and deserve exemplary congratulations for their awesome achievements in 2020! I can’t wait to see where this historically strong team goes in 2021. Congratulations to Townsend Harris on a stupendous season!

So yeah. That’s my brief tribute for the top 10 teams in the poll, all of whom had exceptional seasons. Congrats to everyone who made states on qualifying, and congrats to all New York Science Olympians on being a part of something truly special and unique. Although I imagine I’ll always be kinda disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to reach my long time goal of top 6 at states, I hope I can always reflect back on 2020 as a year of success anyway, because of all we achieved, regardless of uncontrollable external circumstances.

Thank you all for being a part of my favorite Science Olympiad season ever!
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