Unused Team Forum Pruning

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Unused Team Forum Pruning

Postby Schrodingerscat » September 18th, 2017, 1:24 pm

Team forums were supposed to only be maintained only as long as they were actively used, so today I did the long overdue task of archiving unused team forums with the criteria where the last post was in 2014 or prior. Be aware that any team forum may be archived in the future if it has not been used recently (or for any other reason at our discretion).

If you were, in fact, somehow making active use a forum with no recent posts, you may appeal the archival by messaging the administrators. If you wish to create a new or revive an old team forum, please still follow the original instructions. (If unsure about if a forum exists for a specific team, go to the member list, click "Find a member" at the upper left, and check the "Group" dropdown menu)

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