Thanks Len Joeris - a season later

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Thanks Len Joeris - a season later

Postby Raleway » June 11th, 2019, 6:45 am

I just wanted to say another thank you to Len Joeris. For those that knew him from years past, he was an amazing mentor and huge help through the forums, giving up his time and sharing his expertise on a daily basis. Although he wasn't here to tell newcomers to read previous years' posts or to run through ten paragraphs chock full of engineering and physics nuggets, his work really impacted me through my time with Science Olympiad (I will be graduating Division C this year). May he be resting peacefully.

PS: Hadn't posted in a while after not qualifying for nationals and realized I never said my thanks this year to Len so here it is :) He still made it onto every single Boomilever this year!
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God bless Len Joeris | Balsaman

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