Special User Ranks: Tournament & Coach

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Special User Ranks: Tournament & Coach

Post by bernard » September 3rd, 2019, 1:07 am

Tournament Rank

Accounts used to represent an official tournament (including invitationals) may request a special "Tournament" rank by sending a private message to forum administrators expressing interest. "Tournament" accounts through Scioly.org are recommended as an additional avenue for engagement with teams, not as a main mode of communication. "Tournament" accounts must abide by the following requirements at all times:

1. The account username must be relevant to the tournament organization or name (e.g. `yaleso` and not `JohnSmith`).
2. Only one account may be affiliated with a particular tournament.
3. Public activity by the account must only pertain to the tournament (i.e. it should not be your personal Scioly.org account).
4. An email address with verifiable affiliation with the tournament must be used for the account (e.g. the same email address that is posted to the tournament website.

Coach Rank

Coaches of Science Olympiad team(s) may request a "Coach" rank by sending a private message to forum administrators that includes: your team's name, a link to your team's website, and your email. Your email should be a school email, but if that is not possible, message us anyways, and we will see what is the best course.

Exalted Rank

Exalted ranks are used to identify users whose many contributions to Scioly.org have caught the attention of our staff. A few ways users have earned this rank include contribution to the Forums and Wiki, contribution to the Image Gallery, and code contribution to the site. An "Exalted" rank cannot be requested.
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