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Re: Flight Times highlight_alt

By Iceman at 2005-09-02 05:01:42

Yeah, many do a VERY SLIGHT up angle is safe even desireable. Anything higher creates problems trimming the model from stabilizer adjustments, back down enough.

Side ways angles are dangerous also. If there is a bow in the boom wood angle the back end bowing needs to be toward inside of circle. This will help with the turn of plane by pointing tail rudder toward outside of circle. If there is a bow in boom pointing at outside of circle drag will cut flight times drastically even if adjustments are made to stab and rudder.

My plane can fly as wide or narrow a circle as needed for the site with simple fast rotation of the boom. It will not fly at peak efficiency in all size circles without making other adjustments like thrust bearing angle, wing wash, rudder angle and more.

Re: Flight Times highlight_alt

By Iceman at 2005-09-03 01:24:18


What state are you in? :)