Rules - Disclaimer ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site") is not Science Olympiad, Inc. is a place to ask questions and share ideas. This Site is not the place to get event rules, official rules changes, or official clarifications. Site Rules is an inclusive space for all people of Science Olympiad. To help create an environment that is welcoming for everyone, please review our Site Rules below.

These Site Rules apply to ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site") Site-wide, across the Forums, Wiki, Chat, Test Exchange, Gallery, and any other pages using the domain ( Questions about these rules may be directed to the site administrators via private message in the Forums or via Chat. Chat ("Chat") is a service accessible through applications made available by Discord. Chat encompasses both actions within the Discord Server (Discord Server ID: 698306997287780363) and actions across Discord that affect user experiences within the Discord Server (e.g. changing an account status, which appears in any servers of which you are a member). By using Discord, you agree to the Discord Terms of Service, and by using Chat, you agree to the contents of this section, a portion of which may also be found within the #rules channel of the Discord Server.

  1. Treat all users with respect. All users and the content they share must abide by our Inclusivity Policy.
  2. No profanity or inappropriate language, content, or links. This is a message board for a school activity that is meant for both high school and middle school students. Moreover, what you say on this site may be seen by parents, coaches, and/or tournament officials.
  3. Do not spam or submit similar content across several messages, channels, posts, or threads in a short duration. Message and posts should have a legitimate purpose.
  4. Avoid intentional repeated pinging of other users (saying another user’s name or mentioning them using the @ symbol in Discord).
  5. Avoid excessive use of caps, which constitutes yelling and is disruptive.
  6. Never name-drop (using a real name), dox, or share private/personal information (e.g. addresses of any kind) about another user without their permission.
  7. No witch-hunting (requests of kicks or bans for other users), personal attacks, or malicious rumors.
  8. Treat delicate subjects delicately. When discussing religion, politics, instruments, or other similar topics, please remain objective and avoid voicing strong opinions. We respect your right to disagree, but personal arguments should be conducted personally and not on a public forum. We generally draw the line on political discussions where someone’s viewpoint starts to be put down, where the conversation stops being respectful, or where people stop being aware of the other sides’ views. Arguments made with the intention of antagonizing should be avoided.
  9. Do not try to circumvent built-in restrictions (e.g. language censors) or punishments (e.g. avoiding a mute by using a second account).
  10. While you are not required to use your username as your nickname for Chat, please avoid assuming the username of or otherwise impersonating another active user.
  11. Do not use multiple accounts concurrently, unless specifically permitted. A separate account with a staff-assigned @Tournament rank/role may be operated alongside a personal account.
  12. In accordance with the Disclaimer, is not a place to get the rules, official rules clarifications, or FAQs; rather is a place to ask questions and share ideas.
  13. Do not violate Science Olympiad Inc. copyrights (which includes past and present Rules Manuals) or the Science Olympiad Code of Ethics. Do not promote or engage in unethical activities (such as falsifying data) or criminal activities (such as piracy).
  14. In accordance with the Resource Policy, all sharing of resources on must occur in the designated Test Exchanges. Do not solicit trades of private resources, including but not limited to tests, binders, and note sheets, on the Site.
  15. Do not advertise other servers or paid services with which you have an affiliation.
  16. While is a valuable resource for tournament information, students should never use them as an alternative to official platforms for scoring inquiries and appeals. Tournament directors are discouraged from using as their primary means of communication.
  17. Use good judgment when deciding what content to leave in and take out. As a general rule of thumb: "When in doubt, leave it out."
  18. Issues not addressed by these rules are left to the discretion of Staff. Staff are here to help keep discussions respectful and civil, so please follow their instructions when directed.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a warning and repeated misuse of the Forums, Wiki, Chat, Test Exchange, Gallery, or other parts of the Site could result in a temporary or permanent ban, the length of which will be decided by the moderation team. Inclusivity Policy is an inclusive environment for all individuals of Science Olympiad and welcomes all individuals without regard to race, color, religious creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age (except where prohibited by law or Discord Terms of Service), disability, genetic information, veteran/military status, or marital status.

We believe that a diverse community creates an environment in which unique ideas are developed and differing perspectives are valued. All individuals using services must abide by this non-discrimination policy. Resource Policy ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site") supports the concept of freely and openly sharing resources so that users of the Site may benefit from their contents. In order to maintain an environment of collaboration without placing undue value on such resources, users are asked to follow these policies:

  1. All sharing of tests on must occur in designated areas ("Test Exchanges"). Currently, this is limited to the Test Exchange, the Wiki, and sponsored events such as Scioly Summer Study Session (SSSS).
  2. No solicitation for test trades on any part of the Site, including the Forums, Wiki, and Chat.
  3. Advertising of external sites or services primarily used for the trading of Science Olympiad resources is prohibited, and shall be treated as any other advertisement for a service per Site Rules: Section 2.
  4. Materials published by Science Olympiad, Inc. are under copyright and must not be uploaded to the site or submitted through any form of test sharing. Please see the Science Olympiad, Inc. Copyright Notice.
  5. Any full test sets from the current season (between the most recent release of rules and the end of the national tournament) to be posted on any of the Test Exchanges must have received approval for publishing by the tournament director of their respective tournament before sharing.
  6. All tests submitted to the various Test Exchanges are subject to takedown requests by the directors of the tournaments at which those tests were given.

By using rules and any materials published by Science Olympiad, Inc., you agree to their terms of use, which apply on ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site"). cannot be held responsible for your misuse of Science Olympiad, Inc. materials through this Site. policy dictates that our users are not to violate Science Olympiad Inc. copyrights. As such, follow this general guide for all Science Olympiad rules, including both official and draft versions of Science Olympiad rules ("Science Olympiad Rules").

  1. No screenshots, partial or full scans, or pictures of national Science Olympiad rules (draft or final) may be posted, uploaded, or requested on under any circumstances. You cannot legally upload or republish the material here. However, rules may be linked from their original source (e.g. or quoted (with limitations, see below).
  2. When quoting rules, limit your posts to one line of rules, preferably paraphrased (but with attribution to Science Olympiad Rules). Direct quoting should be limited to issues regarding the phrasing or intent of Science Olympiad Rules.
  3. If you must refer to more than one line from Science Olympiad Rules, you should simply refer to the appropriate section number, subsection number, and/or line number (e.g. 2.a., 2.b., and 2.c.).
  4. Violations of these rules will result in bans or warnings assessed to your account, depending on how egregious the violation is.

By accessing ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site") at or any of its subdomains, directories, pages, or files, you are entering an agreement with and agree to the terms on this page (the "Terms"). If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms, you may not use or access this Site. If you are a registered user on this site, you may not share your login details or password with any other person, and you may not share or transfer your account. grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to use and access content ("Content") from the Site. Under this license you may retrieve and display Content from the Site on a computer screen or mobile device, print individual pages on paper and store such pages in electronic form on your computer or mobile device for your personal, non-commercial use. Content found on this Site may only be edited within the Site via web browser in the capacity allowed directly through the Site and its functions; Content may not be modified elsewhere, republished, transmitted, sold, or otherwise sub-licensed without the written consent of, in its sole discretion, may terminate your license at any time, for any reason, and without any notice.

By using the Site you agree to only upload, transmit, or reproduce materials you own and have permission to upload, transmit, or reproduce. By uploading, transmitting, or reproducing materials to the Site, you acknowledge that complete ownership of these materials is transferred to The Site takes no responsibility for and does not assume any liability for any user content or linked websites or services submitted to the site. The Site is not liable for damages of any sort connected with your use of the Site. Privacy Policy ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site") collects information on you to provide the services you receive through the Site. Some information you provide directly by registering for the Site and submitting forms. Other data may be gathered automatically by recording how you interact with the Site. Information collected includes:

  1. Account information. To register on this site, you provide a username, email address, and password. You may provide other optional information such as your date of birth, state of residence, and links to your social media profiles.
  2. Content you submit. We collect content you submit including posts, uploaded files, private messages, and reports to moderators. The posts you make and files you upload may be visible to the public. Private messages are visible to you and their recipients, but may be visible to others users if the message is forwarded or reported.
  3. Log and usage data. When you visit this Site, we may record your IP address, time of access, pages visited, services used, and links visited or clicked.
  4. Information from cookies. Cookies may be collected and used by the Site to understand user activity and personalize content.

Information collected is used primarily to enable your experience on the Site. This information also may be used to provide customer service, protect the safety of the Site and its users, and understand trends in usage. As a registered user, you may change some information you provide to the Site through the User Control Panel. You may also change how you access the site to control access to cookies or the IP address associated with your visit. The personal information you provide is never shared by this Site with third-parties except: in an emergency, where required by law, to enforce Site policies, or with your consent.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. You are encouraged to review this policy whenever accessing the Site, and by continuing to use the Site, you agree to be bound by the most recent Privacy Policy. Cookies Policy ("Science Olympiad Student Center" or the "Site") uses cookies to provide our services across the Forums and Wiki. Some ways may use cookies include but are not limited to: using cookies to maintain sessions across the Forums and Wiki; using cookies to remember permissions and preferences.

While cookies are not strictly necessary, they may provide you with a better experience with browsing the Site. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you reject or delete cookies, our Site may no longer function as intended. By accessing our Site, and by continuing to use our Site, you agree to be bound by the most recent Cookies Policy.

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