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This article is about the events of the 2018-2019 school year. For the national tournament, see Cornell University 2019. For state tournament results, see State Tournament Results.


Events by Category

Events by Type

Division B
Biology Earth Science Physics Chemistry Technology Inquiry
Anatomy & Physiology Dynamic Planet Circuit Lab Crime Busters Battery Buggy Experimental Design
Disease Detectives Fossils Density Lab Potions and Poisons Boomilever Game On
Heredity Meteorology Thermodynamics Elastic Launched Glider Mystery Architecture
Herpetology Road Scholar Roller Coaster Write It Do It
Water Quality Solar System
Division C
Biology Earth Science Physics Chemistry Technology Inquiry
Anatomy & Physiology Astronomy Circuit Lab Chemistry Lab Boomilever Experimental Design
Designer Genes Dynamic Planet Sounds of Music Forensics Mission Possible Codebusters
Disease Detectives Fossils Thermodynamics Protein Modeling Mousetrap Vehicle Fermi Questions
Herpetology Geologic Mapping Wright Stuff Write It Do It
Water Quality

National Trial Events

National "Oldies But Goodies" Events

For the 2019 National Tournament, the tournament directors added 4 additional events (named "Oldies But Goodies" events) that took place on Friday, and were not officially counted in each team's score, similar to trial events. These events were previously hosted many years ago as official events. There was a small prize for winning the events, and only the first place team was announced (the full results are not currently known).

Division B Division C
Name That Artifact
Last Run Season: 1985
Periodic Table Quiz
Last Run Season: 1997
What Are You Trying to Tell Me
Last Run Season: 1998
Paper Airplane
Last Run Season: 1987

Events by year
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