1977 Delaware Science Olympiad Tournament

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The 1977 Delaware Science Olympiad Tournament was the first Science Olympiad Tournament held, in on a Saturday in April 1977 at Delaware State College, Dover. This competition featured 12 different "events" and numerous science demonstrations. There was a total of 301 participants, from 20 schools. Participants were 10th and 11th graders.

Delaware State College faculty supervised each event. They also determined the rules and scoring for each of the 12 events.


Approximately $2,000 for materials and awards were garnered through corporations that supported science fair activities.


Trophies, medallions, and ribbons were given to the top three winners of each of the 12 events. A travelling trophy was given to the school which ranked the highest.


Science Demonstrations

  • Computer Games (hangman, tic tac toe)
  • Drug Analysis and Fingerprinting
  • Instrumentation (spectrometer, kymograph, radiation counters)
  • Chemical Magic Show (intriguing chemical reactions involving, for example, rapid color changes, exploding bubbles)
  • Physics Demonstrations (low temperature physics, electroscopy)
  • Anatomy of Shark and Cat
  • Tour of Delaware State College Sky Observatory
  • Electron Microscope