2003 Michigan State Tournament

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2003 Michigan State Tournament
General Information
Michigan State University is located in Michigan
Michigan State University
Michigan State University

Coordinates: 42°42′06″N 84°28′56″W / 42.7018°N 84.4822°W / 42.7018; -84.4822

Host Michigan State University
Division B Champion Lakeshore Middle School (Grand Haven)
Division C Champion Grand Haven High School
Date April 27th, 2003
Division B
1st Lakeshore Middle School 116
2nd White Pines Middle School 231
3rd Malow Junior High School 268
Division C
1st Grand Haven High School 196
2nd Eisenhower High School 274
3rd Forest Hills Central High School 295
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The 2003 Michigan State Tournament was held at Michigan State University on April 27th, 2003.

Table Notes

Ties are broken by most golds, then most silvers, then most bronzes.


Division B

Division B Results
Team Place Points
Lakeshore Middle School (Grand Haven) 1st 116
White Pines Middle School 2nd 231
Malow Junior High School 3rd 268
Jenison Junior High School 4th 323
Heritage Junior High School 5th 331
East Grand Rapids Middle School 6th 354
Plymouth Christian Middle School 7th 369
Northern Hills Middle School 8th 397
Cramer Junior High School 9th 403
Saline Middle School 10th 409
Lakeshore Middle School (Stevensville) 11th 435
Scranton Middle School 12th 438
Allendale Middle School 13th 448
Mason Middle School 14th 463
Boulan Park Middle School 15th 465
Our Lady of Victory School 16th 469
Immaculate Heart of Mary School 17th 471
Superior Central Middle School 18th 484
Manistee Middle School 19th 516
Erie Mason Middle School 20th 518
Seneca Middle School 21st 527
East Middle School 22nd 537
Coloma Junior High School 23rd 542
Iroquois Middle School 24th 552
Brownell Middle School 25th 558
St. Jude Catholic School 26th 563
L'Anse Creuse Middle School South 27th 566
Kinawa Middle School 28th 567
L'Anse Creuse Middle School Central 29th 574
Paw Paw Middle School 30th 603
Hudson Middle School 31st 604
Holland Christian Middle School 32nd 619
Hillside Middle School 33rd 629
Gladstone Middle School 34th 634
Three Rivers Middle School 35th 658
Brownstown Middle School 36th 674
Thunder Bay Junior High School 37th 674
Marist Academy 38th 677
Frost Middle School 39th 380
Bothwell Middle School 40th 705
Meridian Junior High School 41st 713
Pioneer Middle School 42nd 753
Harper Creek Junior High School 43rd 759
St. Peter and Paul School 44th 763
Hartford Middle School 45th 776
Meads Mill Middle School 46th 789
Ravenna Middle School 47th 797
Whitehall Junior High School 48th 826

Division C

Division C Results
Team Place Points
Grand Haven High School 1st 196
Eisenhower High School 2nd 274
Forest Hills Central High School 3rd 295
Troy High School 4th 318
Grandville High School 5th 319
Plymouth Christian High School 6th 335
Haslett High School 7th 367
Sterling Heights High School 8th 367
Stevenson High School 9th 369
Pioneer High School 10th 376
Ann Arbor Huron High School 11th 423
Saline High School 12th 437
Canton High School 13th 438
L'Anse Creuse High School 14th 448
Okemos High School 15th 465
Clio High School 16th 471
Three Rivers High School 17th 475
DeLaSalle High School 18th 489
Harrison High School 19th 496
Essexville-Garber High School 20th 528
Mt. Pleasant High School 21st 543
Northville High School 22nd 555
Portage Central High School 23rd 564
Holt High School 24th 567
Ravenna High School 25th 569
West Ottawa High School 26th 578
Greenville High School 27th 585
Troy Athens High School 28th 594
Livonia Stevenson High School 29th 594
Elk Rapids High School 30th 602
Manistee High School 31st 624
Mattawan High School 32nd 635
Superior Central High School 33rd 647
Lakeshore High School 34th 651
Salem High School 35th 654
South Haven High School 36th 680
Heritage High School 37th 681
Ionia High School 38th 682
Holland Christian High School 39th 683
Edwardsburg High School 40th 684
Gwinn High School 41st 697
Niles High School 42nd 700
Bay City Western High School 43rd 707
Cadillac High School 44th 740
Thornapple-Kellogg High School 45th 745
Hartland High School 46th 768
Fulton High School 47th 778
Detroit Catholic Central High School 48th 838

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